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The Belt Thread

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The second part of the Four Horsemen's request is here, I will say though, trying to find some NWA images are hard/impossible so I hope down the line, that its understandable if there is information only on some belts.


There were two main versions of the NWA World Television title, the Mid-Atlantic lineage was more prominent but I have featured both.


NWA World Television Title


NWA Georgia Lineage 22/11/1969

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Next up is one of the requests from Simonworden, I may not do another WWWF/WWF/WWE belt for a while, it took me a few hours to cobble this together.


I hope you enjoy and I appreciate those who read this thread.


WWE/F Intercontinental Heavyweight Title


First Holder: Pat Patterson

Current Holder: SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

The Miz



First Maker: Unknown 15/9/1979

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Think I've said this already but this thread is already fantastic. Somebody should send Rule One a prize or something.


Thank-you NEWM for the kind words and cheers to those who continue to read this thread.

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I haven't got time right this minute to read the IC title post, so that'll have to wait til I get home in the morning. But what I will say is that the effort that's gone into this thread is absolutely incredible. My favourite on topic thread for a long long time.

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Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I'm currently working on the IWGP Heavyweight title history but have a very busy week ahead, so I have no idea when it will be up.


I knocked this up, I thought it might be an interesting piece to some.


WWF World Light Heavyweight Title

Maker: Reggie Parks - 1998



(Bobby Rogers/Mike Rapuano with the title around 1998. He looks vastly different these days.)


This version of the title actually never existed in the WWF and was made by Reggie Parks for Mike Rapuano known as Bobby Rogers in wrestling circles. Bobby/Mike used the belt to go on chat shows such as Jenny Jones and Sally Jesse with a bunch of made up stories, one being that he was a gay wrestler who held the WWF World Light Heavyweight title and was booted from the promotion for being gay in an attempt to garner attention/money/sympathy. The truth is, he never even worked for the WWF or even got close to. The best connection he had ever got to them was in 2001 when he owned .tv domains of WWF sites. He lost the court case and had to transfer the domains to the WWF. (See the details here: Bobby/Mike Vs The WWF Court Details )


This caused problems between Reggie Parks and the WWF in which Reggie could only make WWF logo'ed belts on strict permission of Titan Sports/WWF which came in written form only. Reggie continued to make logo'ed WWF but only for those with permission or those who were very close and could be trusted.


Booby/Mike was and still is a notorious conman who continues to work in the Florida area despite his past. Such incidents include:

[*]Claiming to be the grandson of Buddy Rogers, he had contact with Buddy Rogers but it is said to be only via minimal wrestling training.

[*]Offering to sell his kidney via ebay in 1999 which attracted a lot of media attention and is referenced in an episode of the Simpson

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I managed to squeeze in this for you all and especially for ShortOrderCook who asked me to do it.


Hope you all enjoy.


IWGP Heavyweight Title


First Holder: Antonio Inoki

Current Holder: Hiroshi Tanahashi


First Maker: Unknown 1983 - 1997


Second Maker: Unknown 1997

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