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Infinite Promotions present 51st State of Emergency

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Infinite Promotions is a UK wrestling company created by UK wrestlers. Our mission is to provide quality live events for the public and UK

wrestling community, whilst simultaneously creating a workplace where UK wrestlers can earn the money that they deserve.


It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Infinite Promotions officially announces the date its first foray into the British wrestling market. The 26th of May sees Infinite Promotions present '51st State of Emergency', live from 'The Dome: Grand Central Hall' in Liverpool City Centre (shown below), an event which we hope will thrill and enthrall those in attendance and unlock a future of infinite possibilities for us and for the British Wrestling scene.




Over the coming weeks we will be announcing matches designed to have fans and competitors alike buzzing in anticipation. The first of these matches promises to do just that.


Project Ego vs. The Models




In what will be the launch of the Infinite Promotions Tag team division, 'The Models' (Joey 'Hot Stuff' Hayes & 'Delicious' Danny Hope) go head to head with 'Project Ego' (Kris Travis & Martin Kirby). Through tremendous talents in singles competition, when bonded together in their respective pairings the teams of Hayes & Hope and Travis & Kirby have had some of their greatest success, aquiring over half a dozen tag team championships between them, including titles in Futureshock, BCW, 3CW and 1PW.


For Hayes and Hope, their entry into the IP Tag division will be their latest chance to present their unique blend of ability and arrogance to the world. Whilst 2011 and the first half of 2012 has seen The Models activities as a team limited to Futureshock Wrestling, they have used their 'home turf' as a platform to display their dominance as a unit. With successful outings against teams like 'Vitamin C' and the now-defunct '101% Proof', The Models have proved time and again that they can succeed against all manner of opponent, spanning a spectrum of styles. Currently sat atop the Futureshock Tag mountain (at the time of publication), The Models are as deadly as they are dilectable and they will be looking to chalk up a victory in their Infinite Promotions debut.


That victory will have to be a hard-earned one, though, if The Models are to edge past their opponents 'Project Ego'. Since reforming in 2011 (after Kris Travis' absence from the ring), Project Ego have proved that they are still one of the best entities in British Wrestling, securing victories against teams the likes of CJ Banks & Spud, Jon Ryan & Shinya Ishikawa, and Joel Redman & Mark Haskins. Indeed May marks the one-year anniversary of Project Ego's reformation as a team and they will be looking to celebrate the milestone with a win over The Models.


Two great teams, but only one will walk out with the inaugral victory of the Infinite Promotions Tag division. In the two previous encounters between these two teams, both have walked away with a victory each. The Models took the last win in February of 2010, but Project Ego secured victory in 2009 with the 1PW Tag Championship on the line. With both teams measuring up nicely against one another, who will walk out victorious is nearly impossible to determine. 'The Models' narcissism won't allow them to be second best on the night, but whilst they aren't lacking in the 'Ego' stakes, their match at '51st State of Emergency' may prove a more difficult 'Project' to undertake than they'd like.


On the back of this video, and with agreement from El Ligero's camp, Infinite Promotions management has signed, for the first time ever in singles competition:


El Ligero vs. Sam Bailey




The tone of Bailey's video message will come as no surprise to fans and those within the wrestling community alike who have seen the transformation in recent months, most notably in Hull's NGW, of the previously good-natured, amiable showman into a ego-driven, self-server. Tired, it seems, of the support of fans, Bailey has seen fit to strike out on his own, and has become more than a acustomed to bending or even breaking the rules to stay on top. A dangerous competitor prior to his transformation (having secured the GPW British, NGW Heavyweight & Futureshock Championships - holding the latter for a record 554 days), Bailey has become all the deadlier recently thanks to his affection for improper use of a baseball bat. Known for using it to take the legs from underneath his rivals, Bailey may have altogether more trouble taking the legs from underneath his opponent on the 26th, however, as he spends very little time with his feet on the ground.


Arguably the premier commodity on the independent British and European wrestling scene for the last 10 years, El Ligero adds '51st State' to his ever-burgeoning list of dates, with the aim of giving Liverpool a taste of the daring, awe-inspiring feats of which the Mexican Sensation is capable. With one of the most impressive arsenals of high-flying moves in the world, and stamina in abundance, Ligero will not be easily grounded by Manchester's Bailey. His aim will be to confuse and confound his opponent, and run him from pillar to post, before finally putting him away with one of his spectacular signature moves.


Bailey and Ligero have never faced eachother in singles competition before. Their paths have crossed, but this will be both mens first opportunity to assert individual dominance over the other. Who will come out the victor? Find out on May 26th


The Babyfaced Pitbull vs. Cyanide





Though both men are familiar with eachother from clashes for 'Pro Wrestling 4 U' and 'Britannia Wrestling Promotions', May 26th will see Cyanide and The Pitbull meet for the first time in Liverpool, and they'll both be looking to make an immediate impact on the city and on Infinite Promotions' Heavyweight Division.


For Cyanide, '51st State of Emergency' is his chance to improve his record against his old rival, as he is yet to secure a victory over Pitbull. Though history is against him, the Toxic Terror will not be put off taking it to The Pitbull, nor will he be deterred from using his entire 25-stone frame as a weapon against his much smaller foe. The inaugral NGW Champion, Cyanide will be looking to stake his claim to a future Infinite Promotions Heavyweight Championship match with a strong showing against Pitbull; a man who is no stranger to championship accolades himself.


At press-time, The Baby-Faced Pitbull holds multiple top-tier championships, having secured the Britannia Wrestling Promotion's Catchweight, Runcorn Wrestling Academy's Heavyweight, and Pro Wrestling 4 U's Heavyweight Championships. Gold is not the only colour that the Pitbull is familiar with, however; He has more than a passing affinity for two others: Black & Orange. The only UK graduate of the Team Taz Dojo, The Babyfaced Pitbull's tutelage under 'The Human Suplex Machine' has arguably been his greatest tool in his repeated battles with Cyanide. Gifted with herculean strength, the Pitbull has channelled his mentor in his clashes with Cyanide, with action reminiscent of Taz's clashes with collossal foes like 911 & Bam Bam Bigelow.


A clash of mammoth proportions everytime it has occured, Pitbull/Cyanide this time round promises to be extra-special. Both men want to chalk up their first victory in a new promotion and, pencilled to open the show on the 26th, only one man will be able to say that they secured their first victory, in the first match of the first show of Infinite Promotions. Who'll earn the right to say it?


Sean Daniels vs. Josh Bodom vs. LA Austin




At the start of their journey in the world of professional wrestling, Daniels, Bodom & Austin have been busy in gaining a foothold in their respective 'home promotions' of FutureShock (Daniels & Bodom) & GPW (Austin). With impressive showings early on, they have proven that they can hold their own in the 'squared-circle', and on May 26th they'll be doing their best to prove themselves the best of the new breed, at the expense of each other.


Sean Daniels will be familiar to fans of FutureShock Wrestling as one half of 'Notorious BAD' along with fellow Infinite promotions star Sam Bailey. Not a sole tag team combatant, however, Daniels has had strong outings against monster opponents the likes of Cyanide, Nordic Warrior and Baron Bohka. Clearly used to competing against power-houses like these, it will be interesting to see how Daniels reconditions himself to face smaller, faster foes.


Josh Bodom is a man who was launched from being a relative unknown to very nearly the FutureShock Heavyweight Champion, coming breath-takingly close to taking the strap from then-Champion Dave Rayne in November of last year (Rayne was subsequently unseated by Jack Gallagher later that evening). Following his launch-pad outing against Rayne, Bodom has gone on to become a FutureShock roster regular. He steps into Infinite Promotions looking for yet another career-defining moment.


Last but not least we have LA Austin. A new-comer to GPW, Austin has fast made a name for himself as a man capable of amazing physical feats and acrobatic excellence. With an arsenal of moves that he can hit from all over the ring (and no doubt out of the ring) Austin is a high-flyer that dices with death and danger from the moment the bell rings. A recent impressive showing against Infinite Promotions Heavyweight Title contender Bubblegum proved that Austin is far from 'Too much sizzle; not enough steak' and can hang with the toughest competition around.


In what promises to be an action-packed, adrenaline fueled contest, all three men will be looking to impress management and the audience in the hope of being brought back in the future. In a move that will only serve to ensure fast and furious action for the fans in attendance, Infinite Promotions management has put a 10-minute time limit in place, meaning the competitors will have to do all they can and quickly, to maximise their chance to make an impact in Liverpool. See what they come up with on May 26th!


Shaun 'The Hammer' Davis!




Standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in excess of 300lbs, the Lancashire Leviathan has blazed a trail in the past year, carving out a place for himself in the British wrestling scene with impressive showings in promotions up and down the country (most notably in North Wales' Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Stoke's British Wrestling Alliance, and Preston City Wrestling). Ever improving in the ring, and with an undeniable star presence, Shaun has been a breakout star over the last 12 months, and he now looks to make another lasting impression as a member of the Infinite Promotions roster.


Whilst Shaun has featured heavily in our promotional material for the show, Infinite Promotions management had hoped to hold off on announcing the Preston Powerhouse's involvement until match-makers had signed a contest for him. This task has proved more difficult than first envisaged. Though multiple avenues have been explored, as of yet a suitable opponent has not been found. Irrespective of this, however, Shaun Davis has sent word to Infinite Promotions management, and the web team, that he WILL be in attendance at '51st State of Emergency' and what's more... he's looking for trouble.


In no uncertain terms, Davis has stated that he will be getting his hands dirty on May 26th, and if a fight can't be found for him before then, he'll find one himself. Will anyone be brave (or foolish) enough to step into the ring with 'The Hammer'? Be there in May to find out.


'The Juice' CJ Banks vs. Bubblegum




In a match pitting two of the UK's most heralded talents, the man from Coolsville, Bubblegum, goes one on one with the self-proclaimed 'Pound for Pound Best', CJ Banks. Whilst pride is enough for these two men to wage war, the chance to call oneself the inaugral Infinite Promotions Champion will ensure they pull out all the stops to walk out with the win, and the title.


Whilst the British scene is filled to the brim with championship calibre athletes, some of whom will also be present at The Dome on May 26th, Bubblegum and Juice standout in the minds of Infinite Promotions management as the ideal two contenders for the newly created Heavyweight title. The list of accolades the two have ammased reads as a resume that any professional wrestler, fighter or sportsman would be proud of.


Banks, at the time of the matches signing, was a dual champion in Wales' Britannia Wrestling Promotions (holding both the Tag Team and Catchweight Championships) and is the current holder of Manchester's Futureshock Wrestling Trophy. Having secured 3 British Championships and having had success all over the European scene, CJ Banks is more than qualified to represent Infinite Promotions as Champion... but only if he can get past Bubblegum.


Bubblegum is a man who has proven that, like Juice, he isn't one to be confined by a weight class or a division. Having held Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Championships, as well as Tag Titles in his near decade long career, the man has made a name for himself by facing opponents big and small, adapting his near endless array of breath-taking techniques to suit battle against any opponent. An ever popular favourite with crowds up and down the country, Bubblegum will provide a fitting foil to the cock-sure 'Juice', who'll be out to prove his claim of being the 'Pound for Pound Best'. Where the title will wind up is anybody's guess, but we'll find out at '51st State of Emergency'.


Ahead of their epic title encounter at 51st State of Emergency, 'The Juice' CJ Banks has a message for his rival!



The British Wrestling Premier League




To watch Part 1 of our introductory video

To watch Part 2 of our introductory video


It's been well documented that in 1988 Independant Television (ITV) cancelled British professional Wrestling, removing from the airwaves an institution that had been part of British popular culture for over three decades. The knock on effect of this cancellation was felt throughout the industry, with the Mountevans' style that had been a staple of the British game for years falling by the wayside, in favour of the All-in American style of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) that was launched on Sky in 1989.


The Mountevans' style set British Wrestling apart from the other styles of wrestling in other parts of the world. Mexico had Lucha Libr

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Finally a show in Liverpool, and in the city centre. Judging by the poster we've got Bubblegum, Jack Gallagher, Cyanide, El Ligero and CJ Banks, so it looks a strong show already. So add them to the models vs ego, i think my attendance to this event has been confirmed!


When will the other matches be getting announced?

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From what i've heard about this through the grape-vine, this show is going to be stacked with some great talents (both current top uk talents and up and comers ) on this show.


I would advise anybody who is thinking of going to this, to get down and check this out, as it's going to be fantastic!

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A show in Liverpool city centre? Sounds fantastic. Maybe it's because I've not been home properly for such a long time, but I had no idea they were redoing Grand Central. I really ought to pay attention more!


From the poster, it looks as though they're pulling in some of the best British names too. If I'm hope that weekend, I'll definitely check it out. Best of luck!

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Finally a show in Liverpool, and in the city centre. Judging by the poster we've got Bubblegum, Jack Gallagher, Cyanide, El Ligero and CJ Banks, so it looks a strong show already. So add them to the models vs ego, i think my attendance to this event has been confirmed!


When will the other matches be getting announced?


A stone's throw away from Lime street station too!


We will be announcing matches weekly and we still have some quality names tba.



Looks good so far. Out of interest which wrestlers are running the company?


The company was founded by myself - Zack 'Diamond' Gibson

It is now being run as a partnership with Ciaran McConnell current BWP wrestler and GPW trainee.


As mentioned earlier we're aiming to provide a platform for UK stars to earn more money whilst at the same time provide quality shows for fans such as yourself.


Ciaran McConnell is booking the matches (amongst other roles)

Whilst I will be an active roster member (amongst other roles)


Any further questions anyone has we're more than happy to answer


Also feel free to add us on facebook





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Looks good so far. Out of interest which wrestlers are running the company?


The company was founded by myself - Zack 'Diamond' Gibson

It is now being run as a partnership with Ciaran McConnell current BWP wrestler and GPW trainee.


Thanks for answering my question in-depth. :) Will the shows be recorded for DVD?

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Good promotion name. Good show name as well. Great-looking venue which should bring a really different feel to the event.


Good luck!

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Looks good so far. Out of interest which wrestlers are running the company?


The company was founded by myself - Zack 'Diamond' Gibson

It is now being run as a partnership with Ciaran McConnell current BWP wrestler and GPW trainee.


Makes a refreshing change for a new promotion to come along and actually answer a question like that. It's usually dodged, ignored or lied about.

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