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Yo, you dealin' with the X-Factor!


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I really liked this group, despite they flack they got.


X-Pac who by that time people just seemingly wanted to go away for some reason.




Justin Credible who was anything but in reality...




And Albert! Fresh off his stint as the Hip Hop Hippo and looking like someone's sweaty Dad in a t-shirt about 4 sizes too small.




They were Heat main-stays.




Still better than hanging about at WWF: New York though.



Later on....


X-Pac was always ace in the ring and got to join the WWF incarnation of the nWo (if that can be looked at as a good thing?)




Justin Credible got a bit of time with the WWF Hardcore Championship.




But then Batista killed him.




And Albert got to change his name to A-Train and cop a feel on Steph's norks before scarpering to Japan (presumably because HHH put a hit out on him).




They had an ace theme song or two, too.





Let's reminisce on the happy times.

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X-Factor broke up when the Alliance got together. X-Pac had some class matches with Tajiri if memory serves me right. X-Pac would probably still be employed for a good few years if Kevin Nash hadnt torn his quad muscle. People have bad memories, but the nWo of Nash, X-Pac, Michaels and maybe Triple H had potential. They were either heading for a feud or an alliance with Triple H which would have been good. X-Factor were a odd one. I understand Justin Credible and X-Pac being mates, but fucking Albert? Where did he fit in. If X-Pac and Justin Credible had been a team, that might have been ok. Credible and X-Pac against the Hardys or Edge and Christian would have been fun. But they were just dull.


Anyone remember that tremendous match between Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho and X-Pac at No Way Out 2001, where Credible did the run in? One of the most underrated matches ever. It was fantastic.

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I was always a proper Clique FanBoy so when Justin turned up to help X-Pac I was well chuffed (as an old ECW fan too). I thought we'd get a cool little tag team out of it. Then they added Albert, who was towards to top of my list of 'People I Hate And Have No Interest In'. He looked like a big, weird Bouncer from a Gay Club. They sucked the second they added Albert.





Yeah, that 4 way match in 2001 was excellent.

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I imagine he'll sneak in X Factor when he does his thread about X Pac.


I want a Buff Bagwell or Rick Steiner one first though.


I'd be happy with an A-Train one. He was class back in 02-04 on Smackdown. He was also the very first and very last to wrestle on WWF Jakked!

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