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Soap birds whose handbags you would shit in


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It's pretty simple, which soap birds would you ruin?


Eva from Corrie would have to have it. Bit lippy this one but a forearm across the throat always slows them down.





Kylie is a bit on the chav side but I would definitely stick it to her, all the same.





Whitney from EE was getting tapped by a peado for years but still, it hasn't put me off giving her one.





And over in the Dales, Alicia would get a good beasting. See; Eva from Corrie.



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Eastenders - Not much for choice here. Carol's been stretched out from all the brother love she's had over the years. Bianca's got a great pair, but she is a fishcake. I'm gonna have to go with Whitney. Big eyes, huge tits and gullibility. The winning combination.


Coronation Street - Kylie all the way. Looks like a slut (in a good way). I'd even consider porking Gail and her no neck just to have a pop at this little chav bint.


Hollyoaks - I've had a thing for Nancy for years now. That thing being a huge and uncontrollable boner. By the book, she's not the hottest bird on the show, but there's just something about her. Nailage.

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I was admiring Lauren off EE before, her demeanour puts me off but I would certainly ruin her for other men given half the chance.


As for Rosie Webster, she's cut her hair short now and looks pretty grim for it imo.




Who am I kidding? I still would.

What a pair she has in that picture.

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