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Your Favorite Seller!


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I have tried to search for this but my search seems to be a little strange.


Who is your favorite seller in wrestling? and WHY!? Of course everyone knows what selling is. Getting over the fact you are injured, making people emotionally connected to you, making the match come off as logical based on the actions you have in the ring. I am a firm believer that selling is THE most important thing in wrestling. If you cant get people to believe you are in pain they can't have an emotional investment and the match stumbles. THis is why so many new school wrestlers struggle imo.


Top of the pile!


1) Shawn Michaels - this guy was unreal! Everything he did in the ring was class and the fact that he sold so well that he made me care was something very few wrestlers have or will ever do. For me, he was all about the underdog - even as a heel. You couldnt help but care for Shawn and the selling - especially in his later years - was something very few will ever be able to match. I really loved his matches with the Undertaker and Mankind in particular. I always thought that his selling in submissions - particularly against Angle - was pure genius. I do feel his older matches were a little too over sold. I thought that his match with Perfect and Hogan later were a bit too dramatic in terms of selling but as time went on he really learnt the art of selling.


2) Kenta Kobashi - Loved his selling. He was one of those guys that just knew what worked and when. I always like to harp back to his tag matches. He being on the outside getting some cocky chicken shit heel give him a slap. THat small little irritation in his face following my a point or a step through the ropes meant more than 99% of what people do nowadays. His facial expressions were classic. When he got chopped in the head by Misawa, his grimacing was class. Not over stated but done the right way.


3) Zac Sabre Jr - This is one thats in this country and has impressed me so much recently - especially his showing at the Broxbourne NOAH show months back. The lad was incredible in selling the beating he was taking. Taking the kicks, draggin himself up with the ropes and making me feel like i wanted to jump in there and help! The guy has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and I believe his appeal is definitely in the selling.


Worst Offenders in Wrestling!


1) John Cena - ok alot of people get on this lad but good lord! I have never seen someone that is THAT shit at selling and I really genuinely believe thats one of the reasons people wont and cant warm to him. How can you get emotionally attached to a lad who will jump up from any move within seconds. Can't take him seriously. Summerslam 2010 is a prime example.


2) 99% of Cruiserweights in the World - AGH! Seriously I dont get some of the booking decisions which makes these guys feel the need to go 100mph with a billion moves all of which are NEVER sold. I really don't understand. My concern is always that these lads go full pelt so often that they have kinda lost the point of selling entirely. It looks awesome but the selling isnt there. That IMO is why they are all interchangeable and dont make me give a shit.


3) Ric Flair - This will get peoples backs up iam sure but I cant tolerate this man. I dont get all the praise and I dont see how he is one of the "greatest" at all. I have seen alot of his stuff and he always (when selling) seemed like a parody of himself. The "flair flop", the running and flipping over the turnbuckle and that god awful "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" just made him comical. As good as he was as a heel I never believed him when he was selling. Just came off as very phoney.

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Shawn Michaels is the best ever in my opinion. A dark horse I know, but Undertaker I feel is very credible.


Spud as babyface is amazing seller and grasps sympathy from the audience so well. When as Rockstar Spud he is equally as good on the flip side with the over the top bad guy selling.

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Shawn Michaels is definitely up near the top of the list. A good (recent) example is that match him and Haitch had against Legacy in the Cell back in late 2009. When HHH got locked out of the Cell and HBK was left on his own, the way he sold not only the beating but the fact that he was left on his own and knew he was about to take a kicking was outstanding.


Orton is another one. He used to sell HBK's superkick like he'd been hit with a brick. Here's a compiliation of all the times he's been hit with it -

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My two personal favourites ;


Bret Hart - Not only great in the basic sense of selling, such as taking the front turnbuckle pads bump and just selling in general, but also because of the way he would always take whatever moves or body parts which he was selling and include them as a pivitol part of the psychology of the match. It's no good selling moves and holds like your life depends on it if you're only going to completely forget about it later in the match.


Ricky Steamboat - Sometimes I felt he went a little over the top, but for the most part he was brilliant and could generate tremendous sympathy. Apparently, he would also study things such as how different fighters react to getting hit in boxing and would take those mannerisms and use them during his matches. Little things like that.

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