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Future WWE Plans with CM Punk leading up to Survivor Series SPOILERS


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From Wrestlezone.com


It has been a popular discussion of speculation in the wrestling world and it seems as if WWE does plan for CM Punk and Triple H to eventually have a match.


After speaking with several insiders, one said it has been "a rumor floating around" and another said "it seems to be what they (creative) are really wanting build to."


The sources are speaking of the possible plan of having CM Punk and Triple H face off in a match at Survivor Series this November at Madison Square Garden.


Two interesting aspects to the feud that have come up is that an episode of RAW leading up to the match at Survivor Series, Triple H would beat up and bloody CM Punk. Before going forward and airing this, WWE would likely get the approval from USA network. This would be something that is uncharacteristic to the WWE's more PG content which includes avoiding having blood on screen.


The other aspect to the feud is some type of stipulation in the match. While some suggest it would be that if Triple H loses than he must step down from his Chief Operating Officer position he is holding on screen, others are saying that Triple H keeping his on screen power would be a stipulation but only will be put in to place if there is an equally important stipulation on the line if CM Punk was to lose.


I was told the final decision of going forward to Survivor Series may not be made official until SummerSlam or shortly after. One source reminded me that "Punk is holding a different hand of cards these days."


This is referring to what CM Punk did make some reference to on the ESPN podcast and several have speculated that he has some say in the creative direction of his character and storylines. So any plan such as him going to Survivor Series to fight Triple H and have stipulations involved in the match could potentially be altered by CM Punk himself where in the past that wouldn't have been the case.



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Well, i think Raw heavily pointed to a match up between the two, as the seemed to be focused on Punk and Triple H rather than Punk and Cena. Personally, i don't mind seeing Triple H on screen but i really don't want to see him back in the ring

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I think it's plausible even that at some point, they've had the ideas "let's have HHH vs Punk at Survivor Series" and "Triple H can bust him open at some point before then, imagine the reaction if we do blood."


It's equally plausible (and more probable) these SPOILERS are just speculative shite, though.

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