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Wrestling with Motherhood!


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program to watch - tomorrow (monday), BBC3 8:30pm



At 12 Danielle discovered the identity of her father, professional wrestler Karl 'the Barbarian' Kramer, and decided she wanted to follow in his footsteps. But aged 15 her wrestling career plans were forced on hold when she discovered she was pregnant. The baby's father is 18 year old fellow wrestler Alex and though the couple are no longer together he's determined to be in his baby's life. Danielle's new boyfriend Scott 'Fusion' is also a pro-wrestler and a close friend of Alex and they are facing each other in the wrestling ring. How will the men in Danielle's life cope when the baby arrives? Will Danielle's career break jeopardise her wrestling future or will she, as planned, be back in the ring just weeks after the baby is born?



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British wrestler in 1986




British wrestler in 2011



That is 100% the other couple in the show. I don't have pics of Alex and Danielle but this is Scot Fusion who most certainly looks like a wrestler and is a great talent:



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A man who subscribes to the theory that beards and sunglasses will always make you look like a star. I bet he has a leather jacket as well. What a guy.


What, like this guy?




The truth of the matter is when you see him come to the ring he does look like a star or at the very least a future star that you know is 'one to watch'. I'm pretty sure the fact that he has a great work ethic (which if you go by what kind of shape he's in alone) doesn't hurt neither!

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