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  1. Channel 4, wednesday 18 July, 10pm http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-wre...ies-1/episode-1 The Knights are dad 'Rowdy Ricky Knight', mum Julia 'Sweet Saraya', brothers 'Zak Zodiac' and Roy 'The Zebra Kid', and little sister 'Britani Knight'. They claim to be the biggest wrestling bloodline in the world. With a moral code of their own, this family pack a real punch, often at each other. They 'live, eat and breathe wrestling' while running the 'World Association of Wrestling' from their council house in suburban Norfolk. With tough personal histories fuelling their drive, wrestling has always kept them together, although it is now threatening to tear them apart. As one of America's biggest wrestling federations searches Britain for talent, the kids are selected for try-outs. This could make their careers in America, but take them away from home and their tight-knit family life for ever. The Knights might get what they always wanted, but will success make or break them?
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