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  1. I’m sure Rocky was pissed and bummed that all your attention was on Animal, and not him.
  2. I saw Rush live in 2003, at the MEN Arena. Brilliant concert.
  3. Those luchadores would have done better without the masks.
  4. *Firstly, he was a handsome man. Wrestling needs these good looking boys, like Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. They make sympathetic good guys the crowd likes to get behind. *With his eyes visible along with facial expressions it’s easier to connect with the audience, build an emotional bond with them. *Good looking guys attract women to the shows, who drag along their boyfriends, increasing box office takings. All the above are negated by wearing a mask. Also, wearing a mask reduces peripheral vision. Ligers mask even worse, with the eye mesh. There’s no way a wrestler can GO 100% with a mask on. Especially a scientific aerial style. (The most effective masked wrestlers are the slow-moving bruisers). *Masked wrestlers become boring. A real face is more interesting over the the long term. Even the best masked men, Kane, Mysterio, Kendo Nagasaki had to unmask to refresh their characters. *Blading is more effective without a mask. Blood flowing down a clear face is more dramatic, pulling people closer into the match. *Yamada had a perfect physique. V-shaped, slim but bulky enough, strong shoulders, huge biceps. A pleasing and inspiring physique that people like to look at. Even pro bodybuilders respect his build. All that was lost with the full body suit. Thunder Liger was a unique colourful and wonderful character, one of the best ever. I just contend he could have been even better without the Liger gimmick.
  5. Her Majesty The Queen was a fan of Big Daddy, don’t you know? After main eventing at the Royal Albert Hall he’d nip around to her pad for a fish n chip supper. She would pick him up in her golden carriage.
  6. I saw him wrestle at Preston Guild Hall, 1986, when he was ‘Fuji Yamada’. Twice against Rollerball Rocco. Both scraps were barnstormers, to say the least, blood all over the place. Their bouts on YouTube are tame by comparison. He was super-over with the crowd, everyone loved him. The only grappler more popular was Big Daddy. I knew non-wrestling fans in awe of him. He made one PROUD to be a wrestling fan. And that was all when he was just a pre-Liger “snow bunny”. I was disappointed when he became masked Liger. I preferred the Fuji Yamada gimmick better. Wish I’d had the opportunity to advise him, I could have steered him down a better career path.
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