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  1. Big Daddy about to “Big Splash” King Kong Kirk
  2. He was an Absolute Legend in Japan. I liked the way he was billed as the “Intelligent Sensational” Destroyer, then later as the “ Original Intelligent Sensational” Destroyer. He also wrestled under a mask with a different persona, as Doctor X. Blondie singer Debbie Harry was a big fan.
  3. Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith Contract Signing 1989
  4. WWE invited Sportskeeda on ground for a glimpse of their largest ever international tryouts in Mumbai, India, where 60 men and 20 women attempted to follow their dreams to reach the topmost tier of sports entertainment. Media interactions were arranged with some of the talents and I had a chance to speak to Shanky Singh and Sanjana George, two of the most promising stars. The very fact that these two were shortlisted and identified by WWE as spokespeople for the participants speaks volumes about how much WWE believes in them. Shanky Singh, a superstar who hails from The Great Khali's promotion CWE, is already a viral sensation. His video, where he chokeslams a policeman has made the 7-foot tall athlete a household name. Advertisement Advertisement I caught up with him and quizzed him about his journey: Singh recalls his first interaction with The Great Khali: Advertisement A huge fan of The Undertaker, Singh spoke about his video that went viral not long ago: Even though she has no professional wrestling experience per se, Sanjana George has quite the profile already. Not only is she an obstacle course runner but also an MMA fighter. I had a chance to interact with her at the tryouts as well:
  5. Because of the shared surname, in my mind King Kong Bundy was always indelibly linked with the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy who slaughtered dozens of innocent young women during the 1970s.
  6. Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith vs Black Tiger (Rollerball Rocco) & The Cobra - Japan, 1984
  7. Andre the Giant, Dynamite Kid & Dory Funk Jr vs Steve Williams, Terry Gordy & Steve Doll
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