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It promises to be a great night because ... its the WWE's version of Spin The Wheel Make A Deal Tonight! Along with appearances from Shawn Michaels, we also have one of the UKFF's favourites DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE at Raw tonight promoting the Nitro DVD. Hopefully he's there to announce himself as a Money in the Bank entrant. We also have the match that nobody wants to see between the unpopular Sin Cara and the man who's coming off a defeat to Mason Ryan, Evan Bourne. Should be a good night. Bang.


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Well DDP's been tweeting a bit today with photos of the set and it looks as though:


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

there will be a cage match tonight, well a cage looks like it'll be involved in some way anyway as I can't see them going to the trouble of setting one up not to use it.


[close spoiler]



Looking forward to Raw tonight actually, there's already been some photos of the wheel been leaked too, can't wait to see HBK's appearance!

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There's a blast from the past option on the wheel!!! DDP could be wrestling tonight then! That would be class.

Oh i really wish you hadn't said that because now no matter what happens if that doesn't i'll be disappointed. Seriously though with DDP, Shawn Micheals and the RAW Roulette gimmick this could well be a cracking episode.

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I love Maryse :love:

Cant say I agree, shes too plastic. I'm sure shes on the chopping block for being released.


I feel sick seeing del-Rio in a thong, hopefully Mike Herny wont repeat himself trying to rip the door off

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Well that was a great show. The opening segment with HBK and Punk was good, his match with Kane however was not but then again i wasn't expecting it to be.

Sin Cara and Evan Bourne had a cracking little match and from what i could see totally botch-free which was a refreshing change from a Sin Cara match.

Kofi/Ziggler was alright but i am so sick of seeing them two wrestle and no amount of gimmick matches is gonna change that. Big Show/Del Rio was alright but this match was all about Mark Henry who(and i never dreamed i'd say this) has been nothing short of fantastic in the last few weeks but as much as i'm enjoying him the thought of a match between him and Big Show is not a pretty one.

Kelly Kelly/Nicky Bella was short and shite. Nothing else to say about that.

DDP's cameo was brilliant! Nice little bit of banter between Page, Booker and HBK but i really wish we had seen more of DDP.

The Tornado tag match was a belter, i loved it but i wish they hadn't jobbed out Swagger like that.

Cena/Truth was again a decent match but fuck me Punk just totally blew everthing out the water with that promo. I loved it and i'm amazed they let him say some of the stuff he said, I'd love to know why he was wearing an Austin T-Shirt though i thought that was a little strange.


So all in all i'd say it was a damn good show.

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