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One musical letter - what'd you choose?

Frankie Crisp

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Okay then. In some odd twist of new-world cruelty, your entire digital music collection is about to be deleted. All of it. Except for material recorded by artists beginning with one particular letter. You can choose the letter and as iTunes is the source, the artists

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This is pretty fucking painful. It's like choosing which kid gets to live and which one gets thrown into a bathtub of acid.


Knee-jerk reaction is N because I'm a bit obsessed with Nine Inch Nails. I can't think of a single song of his/theirs that I dislike or am bored of. So let's see what else that leave me with shall we?


The National

Neutral Milk Hotel

New Order

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Nobou Uematsu (that's the Final Fantasy VII OST don'tcha know)

The Notwist


I'll take that.

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Hmm, most of my favourite groups appear to be scattered across the alphabet, but when I wrote down all the ones that came to mind in order, a clear winner emerged. Give it up for "D."


Depeche Mode


Dire Straits


Dum Dums

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I think it would have to be D, I'd want Ulver more than anything but im seriously lacking with any other bands starting with U, but now i'm thinking other letters...this is a pretty hard choice but no, sticking with D as we have..


Death in June

Darkthrone (The newer crust/speed metal stuff so i have something to bang my head to)


Die Antwoord

DJ Clonepa and Dissociative Children


Ah balls, Should have chose C so i can have Coil and Current 93.

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If I was going for sheer quality, I'd go with J purely to keep War Of The Worlds. But for amount of quality songs, I'd have to go with S due to the following:







Skid Row





Sonata Arctica


Status Quo

Steeleye Span

Stephen Lynch

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Definitely M... it features both my favourite hip hop and metal acts - Metallica and Madlib.


Other good Ms off the top of my head..




Masta Ace


Mos Def

Monster Magnet

Marvin Gaye

Milt Jackson

Martha Reeves



I think after that C might be the one I miss the most... Curtis Mayfield, Corrosion of Conformity, Clipse, Creedence, Cali Agents


but shit.. P is not far behind that.

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I'd struggle without the letter J.


Jackson 5


James Brown

Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds

Jimmy Hendrix

Joe Satriani

John Lennon

Johnny Cash


Joy Division

Judas Priest.


Also M would be a struggle with


Manic Street Preachers


Marvin Gaye

McFly (Yeah I said it. Fuck Y'all).



Michael Jackson





Also if you were to add Buddy Holly to Frankie Crisps original list I'd be lost without B.

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B for me I think:


Bad Religion

The Baseballs


The Beatles

Biffy Clyro

Bill Bailey

Billy Joel


Bloodhound Gang

Boards of Canada

Bon Iver

Bowling For Soup

Bruno Mars

Buddy Holly

Busted (:D)


It's a pretty nice mix of stuff.

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