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Sian O'Callaghan


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Sian O' Callaghan Facebook Page.


As Sian is missing and could potentially be anywhere I thought i'd post this here...


Sian O'Callaghan is 22 years old, and was last seen on Saturday 19th March at around 01:30am, leaving the club, Suju in Old Town, Swindon.


She has not been seen or heard from since then.


Her phone signal was traced to Savernake, in Marlborough, but now her phone is unreachable




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I really hope Sian turns up safe and well - I can't imagine what her family and friends must be going through at the moment, more particularly as they say this is very out of character for her.

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Its really sad, caught a bit last night and her mobile had been used miles away from her house as she lived close to the club. I fear its another Jo Yeates style thing where she knew whoever has done what they have done


I hope she turns up safe, but cant say that im filled with hope.

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Yeah the police put out that they were searching for a green Toyota Avensis and within hours they has arrested a man outside Asda.


However the police have been talking very positively about the situation so it seems the area in and around Swindon may have the miracle we were praying for!




The police have put a white tent around the house of the arrested man:




Photo taken from my friend who lives just 5 doors down. Very scary when you see things like this happening on your own doorstep.


Wiltshire Police announced they are holding a news conference at 5pm today. We are all praying for it to be good news.

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Press conference just been held. The man was arrested for Kidnap and TWO counts of murder.


One of the bodies has yet to be identified but the other one they are sure is Sian's.



:( That's terrible news. Must be awful for the friends and family, as well. RIP

The bloke that did it can rot in jail.

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