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Impact Wrestling Discussion **UK SPOILERS**


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Main event is Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray, the winner gets a title shot against Sting.


Crimson & Scott Steiner b. Ink, Inc with Crimson hitting his finisher on Shannon Moore.


The Pope comes out to heal a blind man, a crippled man and "an insanely large woman" - he then goes after Okada.


Madison Rayne b. Alissa Flash, then makes a Knockouts Title match vs. Mickie James for Lockdown for her title vs. Mickie's hair in a steel cage match.


Jeff Jarrett offers a truce to Kurt Angle, and Angle comes out with a present for him and Karen - a guitar painted with the American flag, which Angle hits Jarrett with. Karen low blows Kurt, but he's wearing a cup. Angle challenges Jarrett for Lockdown, and Jarrett accepts.


Abyss has been stripped of the TV Title.


Gunner b. Murphy and Rob Terry to become the new TV Champion after an F5 on Murphy.


Matt Morgan, Angelina Love & Winter b. Hernandez, Rosita & Sarita with a Catatonic by Winter on Rosita. After the match, the fan from Victory Road comes in to help out the heels, but once he goes after Angelina and Winter, Morgan runs him off.


Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray for #1 contendership for the TNA World Title ended with a double pin between RVD and Mr. Anderson. Styles misses a dive to the floor. Bully Ray takes out Earl Hebner, and is brawing with Styles. AJ is about to hit Ray with a chair, when Flair low blows him. Bully Ray then powerbombs Styles off the stage through a table. RVD and Mr. Anderson then pinned each other


Credit: @I_Am_Hollywood


An account of the beginning of the show from PWinsider:


Impact opened with TNA champion Sting in the ring holding the old TNA title and Jeff Hardy version. Sting said that before Hulk Hogan tries to overtake the show, he wants them to get out here and face him. Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out. Sting tosses them the Hardy belt and says this is theirs and they can take the garbage. Sting says that Hogan took one of the brightest stars in wrestling, Jeff Hardy, and ruined him with his influence. They acted like Hardy was done as Sting said he can't do anything to help Jeff anymore but he can help TNA. Hogan said that Sting tries to blame everyone else but he's the guy who disappears and shows up when he wants. Hogan said that the only person at fault is Hardy, who couldn't run with Immortal and stand in the shadow of the Hulkster.


More on the Joe Segment:

*They do a segment where The Pope makes a blind man see, then makes a handicapped man get out of a wheelchair and walk. Pope then says he can't do anything to help heavy woman, taking shots at Samoa Joe and his family. Joe comes out and Pope retreats but beats up Okada in the process. Joe finally runs off Pope. The fans chanted "That was stupid."

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Sounds as if they're washing their hands of Hardy, well for now anyway.


Abyss stripped of the Title only to have Gunner beat Murphy and Terry for it, the fans actually chanting "That was stupid" at a segment, Bully Ray in the main event number one contender match and RVD and Anderson having a double pin after they already had a number one contender match last night which ended in a double count out or something (or so I believe), this doesn't sound good for TNA at all. How can things go this bad so fast! I think they should have had AJ win the match, I can't see him ever being in a state like Jeff was at Victory Road and I can see him as a good strong Champion who deserves the Title having been loyal to TNA since the very beginning if he beat Sting and if not I imagine they'd both put on a good, solid match. It must be soul destroying for guys like AJ who were with the company from the get go and helped build up the place and stuck with it through the hard times and now they are watching things like this happening when TNA should be doing all it can to get to the level where it can go head to head with WWE.

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Apparently according to the reports I read Hogan in hhis interview came up with this jewel


"Hogan said stars from all over the world want to join his Tsunami taking over wrestling"


I hope this is just been misquoted because if he has said this at this time he is a bigger c*** than I ever thought he was :devil:

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Gunner b. Murphy and Rob Terry to become the new TV Champion after an F5 on Murphy.


Without a hint of smarminess, which one is Gunner?



The one that isn't Murphy?


No, I don't know either


Not very defined, character-wise, I know.


Gunner is the smaller of the two.

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More detailed spoilers:


Dark Match:


Doug Williams defeated Jakob Tarr. Tarr is one of Taz's students from his Team Taz Dojo Finishing Camp.




Impact starts with Sting in the ring with both the new and old TNA Championship belts. Sting also has a new red shirt. He says he has something to get off his chest before Hulk Hogan's show starts. He wants Hogan and Eric Bischoff to get out here and face him. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring. Sting gives the Hardy belt to Hogan and says this is theirs. Hogan tosses it out of the ring. Sting asks Hogan how he could do what he did to Jeff Hardy? Take a guy who was the brightest of the bright stars and turn him into the blackest of black. Hardy is a man who makes his own decision but it was the influence of Hogan and Bischoff that led him down that path. The path of needing more money and power. He can't do anything for Hardy now but he can help the others in TNA trying to make a name for themselves. Hogan says Sting is Mr. Johnny Come Lately. Blame him and EB for the embarrassment Hardy caused Immortal? Hardy was the one who is at fault here. Hardy couldn't stand in the shadow of the immortal Hulk Hogan. Everybody else in Immortal is doing great, brother. Sting needs to look out for himself. Hogan has main eventers all around the world wanting to jump on his back and join in with the tsunami taking over wrestling. Sting says if the phone is ringing off the hook, where are the people? All he ever sees is Hogan and Bischoff with some jokes behind them.


Bully Ray's music hits and comes to the ring. He says he's been ringing Hogan's phone off the hook. He's been waiting for this his whole life. Hogan is the one who made this business what it is today. He says Sting is a co-star, a sidekick. Ray says Sting is selfish. This isn't about the boys in the back, this is about Sting trying to measure up to Hogan. Ray says it would be his honor to take out Sting for Immortal. He wants to prove himself and face Sting. Hogan says don't even worry about that. He gets cut off by Fortune's music. Fortune is in the ring. AJ Styles says there are four men in the ring that go by the name Fortune and they have Sting's back 100%. He asks Ray what he wanted since getting in the business? That's right, be a singles wrestler. Instead he had a partner that carried the load for 15 years. Without Devon there would be no tag titles, no success. Ray says he'd like to slap the smile off AJ's face. If it wasn't for Dixie Carter wiping his a-- he wouldn't be anywhere. Ray is a 23 time world tag champion so shut-up and let's get back to him. AJ slaps Ray in the face.


Mr. Anderson's music hits and he gets in the ring. Anderson immediately asks for his rematch. He gets in Hogan's face and wants to know where it is. Hogan says he really is an a--hole. Anderson says yes, he is an a--hole. Hogan says he had a top contenders shot and couldn't get the job done. Anderson says Rob Van Dam couldn't get it done either. Bischoff says how about a four-way for the #1 contenders match? Mr. Anderson vs. RVD vs. Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles. Anderson says they can't do that. Bischoff says he can and he did.


Brooke Hogan is here. Hogan's wife is here too.


Ink Inc. vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson. Winner via Red Alert from Crimson to Shannon Moore, Scott Steiner & Crimson. Moore threw Steiner's headgear at him after the match and Neal had to stop a brawl from erupting.


TNA taped a segment where D'Angelo Dinero did a series of "miracles". Pope made a blind man see, then made a handicapped man get out of a wheelchair and walk. Pope then said he can't do anything to help heavy women, taking shots at Samoa Joe and his family. Joe came out and Pope retreated but beat up Okada in the process. Joe finally ran off Pope. The fans chanted "That was stupid."


For the TNA Knockouts Championship, Alissa Flash vs. Madison Rayne w/Tara. Winner via Rayne Drop in under a minute, Madison Rayne. Mickie James runs out right away but Madison and Tara bail. James is sick of Rayne's ridiculous title bouts. If she's a fighting champ then come here and fight me. Madison asks James what she thinks gives her the right to demand title shot after title shot after title shot. She's out of chances and it's not worth her while. James asks what would make it worth her while? Madison wants Mickie's locks. After beating Mickie she wants to embarrass her and shave her head. Mickie agrees.


Jeff and Karen Jarrett are now out. Jeff says the alpha male has something to say. Kurt Angle does not have one shred of honor or dignity left in him. As a good man he can no longer do this to Kurt. He offers up a truce to Kurt Angle. He will rise up and be the better man and put an end to the misery. They have to co-exist for the kids. Kurt, please come out and beg for forgiveness. Kurt comes out holding a big present. He walks with a smile and hands the box to Karen. Kurt says Jeff is right. He's a husband and father and they need to co-exist. Kurt brought a gift as a peace offering. Jeff asks Kurt if he's being sincere. Kurt says look at him, does he look insincere? Jeff opens the gift and it's a guitar with the American flag on it. USA chant starts. Jeff, Kurt and Karen raise their hands together to pose but Kurt grabs the guitar and smashes it on Jeff and busts him open hardway. Karen goes for a low blow but Kurt isn't affected. He goes in his pants and pulls out a cup. Jeff is bleeding profusely from the head in multiple places. Karen cowers in the corner and he tells her to "stay down." He says he's sick of this and will end her. He wants Jeff in a cage at Lockdown. Jeff shakes his head no. Kurt says if he doesn't get what he wants he will hunt them down and kill them. Angle leaves while Jeff bleeds.


For the TNA World Television Championship, Gunner vs. Murphy vs. Rob Terry. Winner & new Television Champion via TKO to Murphy, Gunner. Eric Bischoff was on the ramp afterwards and gave Gunner some applause and a thumbs up.


Hernandez, Sarita & Rosita vs. Matt Morgan, Angelina Love & Winter. It's a street fight but not announced as one. Winner via catatonic back breaker from Winter to Rosita, Morgan, Angelina and Winter. Really quick match. "The fan" who ran in during the Morgan/Hernandez PPV match came out and helped Hernandez after the match. Morgan ran them off and then celebrated in the ring. [note: "the fan" is actually Matt Barela - currently the top babyface of OVW and a former two-time OVW Heavyweight champion]


For the #1 contendership to the TNA Championship, AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson. No winner. A chair was in the ring and Anderson gave RVD a back suplex. Earl Hebner counted three but both of their shoulders were down because they were knocked out. Ray and AJ fought all over after the match. They went to the announcers table and ended up on the stage. AJ went to Ray with a chair but Ric Flair hit AJ with a low blow. Ray grabbed AJ and gave him a sit out powerbomb off the stage through a table. Agents and referees rushed out to check on them. Both are out of it and woozy. Paramedics are out with a stretcher and are taking AJ to the hospital. Fortune is out checking on AJ. Ray got up and pushed some security guys around and left. Ray came back out and tried to get back at AJ. Agents held him back. He went to the other side of the stage and fell. It looks like Bully Ray hurt himself and might have pulled a quad or blown his knee out.




Eric Young (w/ Orlando Jordan) defeated Robbie E (w/ Cookie).

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