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  1. For those unaware too, Chikara have basically filmed a secret season and have already released some of the episodes. Everyone expected this weekend to start Season 17 and not Season 18 which it has now turned out to be. If you haven't watched in a while, I'd say now is a decent place to start again!
  2. Hi guys. I've started cooking an awful lot the last 6 months so thought I'd would have a little lurk in here As for the mince question, I would agree with those who have mentioned Kofte recipes if you're wanting to stay away from chilli altogether. So many options as to what other food to put in with the kofte. I think there's always something satisfying about grilling something on idea why! I've been cooking a lot of Joe Wicks recipes lately but a browse through the last couple of pages of this thread and I want to get the slow cooker back out and do ribs, thighs and all sorts of chilli goodness!
  3. Do we think that now with Rey in Lucha Underground and having a lot more time to play with for shows on the network, we could be getting someone breaking the longevity record this year? Even if they don't go on to win it as number 1 as that would be a bit obvious?! Especially when they're playing it up as the biggest one ever! Thoughts?
  4. Saw him on Saturday Kitchen a couple of weeks back and the guy is not right. Shouldn't be in the media at all
  5. I'm up for it. Would highly recommend the CBS interface if anyone was interested?
  6. It was brilliant eh? Never hides his emotions well. Love it when all "good" plans go up the swanny. I'd give Bisping the title shot even though he doesn't stand a chance. Deserves it this time!
  7. Merry Xmas to you all from a chief lurker Enjoy it whatever you're all doing
  8. Exact same thoughts after watching it. Mesmerising...
  9. Are they any good? We were considering them for a visit recently, but ended up in the travelodge in docklands Yeah they're great. All the facilities you need. 2 bathrooms normally. Can't fault them at all. I'm staying in them for work every week
  10. There's a company called Apple Apartments that do serviced apartments for £150 a night for a 2 bed place. £75 each if 2 of you want a bed each or less if you don't mind folks on floors or sofas. Within walking distance from the o2 if you get the right ones in Greenwich.
  11. Mucho gracias
  12. Where? Such a great 3 minute video!
  13. She has bitten an opponent during a fight though.... For me once again this is an over reaction over Palhares. His ''eye gouging'' was practically non existent and wasn't what has caused the damage in the picture shown by Shields and we are talking fractions of seconds with regards to how long the submission is held on for. Letting go prior to the referee physically stopping you is a courtesy not a rule, else he could and would have been immediately disqualified. If you don't want to get hurt then don't let him catch you in a submission or don't fight him at all. The same people white knighting everyone he destroys and chastising him for his actions are the same people who have no issue with incidents like when Dan Henderson completely intentionally landed an outrageously powerful strike onto an already downed and stone cold unconscious Michael Bisping...which Henderson openly admitted was intentionally done...and legitimately could have resulted in brain damage or worse for Bisping. Can someone tell me what action is being taken against Shields for an intentional strike to an opponent after the stoppage? Absolute bollocks. Nah, we're not talking fractions of seconds here. We're talking at least a second of Shields tapping then at least another second of the ref tapping him and telling him to let go too. No excuse, total BS. Quite rightly being stripped and should be refused a fighting license everywhere
  14. Will have to try and find a download of the match as having just read a report the finish sounds like a right shambles again!!
  15. I'm sure others will post too, but just wanted to say how much of a great 2 nights Chikara put on in Wolverhampton. In the bigger picture, I'm not sure they added much to the story lines, but they certainly kept everyone happy and put on some great matches!