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Hah, just found out who our local beat officers are supposed to be. Fucked if I've ever seen them though. One of my neighbours had his wing mirror kicked off his car by the drunken twatflaps that hang around outside our library dealing, they hung around for 25 minutes after they done it, police turned up about 2 hours after they fucked off.

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99 instances of burglary.


443 instances of anti-social behaviour.


26 instances of robbery.


73 instances of vehicle crime.


119 instances of violent crime.


279 instances of other crime.


All in one month.


I live in a lovely area.

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All Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour: 1077

Burglary: 117

Anti-Social Behaviour: 375

Robbery: 43

Vehicle Crime: 97

Violent Crime: 156

Other Crime: 289


For the South-London area of New Cross I now call home. Am I winning so far?


The Liverpool suburb I recently moved away from compares like so:


All Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour: 267

Burglary: 52

Anti-Social Behaviour: 75

Robbery: 5

Vehicle Crime: 22

Violent Crime: 16

Other Crime: 97

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My "ends" - a nice, quiet, middle class town (population just north of 20K) - Mail reading, MP could be a dog rapist and they'd still all vote Tory people, you know the kind of place. One case of recorded anti-social behaviour and sod all else on the whole of my estate (housing estate rather than the grounds, it is not that well to do round here!).


All crime and ASB 76


Burglary 6

Anti-social behaviour 29

Robbery 0

Vehicle crime 4

Violent crime 14

Other crime 23

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