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Best manager in the world this decade? Arsene Wenger!


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Arsene wenger has been named the worlds best manager of the last decade by the ( IFFHS ) or ' International Football Federation for History and Statistics ' an organisation officially recognised by FIFA .


Top 10 Managers -


1 - Arsene Wenger 156

2 - Sir Alex Ferguson 148

3 - Jose Mourinhio 135

4 - Fabio Capello 120

5 - Guus Hiddink 112

6 - Carlo Ancellotti 108

7 - Luiz Scolari 101

8 - Marcelo Bielsa 101

9 - Rafael Benitez 97

10 - Marcello Lippi 88

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Top three are definitely right (order debatable)


As to Wenger being top, yes he gets a lot of flack (from me too sometimes) but if your talking the last decade then he must surely be up there, has kept us consistently at the top level, keeps the club within budget whilst still competing, has reached various finals (we are talking decade here remember) and for the years we haven't won anything we have come pretty close (lost a FA Cup final, lost a carling cup final, lost a champions league final) etc.

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There is surely not even an argument about Benitez - two league titles, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Champions League, 1 FA Cup, 1 Super Cup, 1 World Club Cup and finished runner-up in the CL, Premier League, League Cup and WCC. Plus a couple of semi-final appearances. Which 10 managers have had a better decade than that?

Good point. I just hate the fat twat so ignore those stats.

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Oh and here is the article explaining how it works (the topic starter must have forgotten this simple task whilst putting the laughing face into the subject title)

The topic starter got the information from somewhere else that didn't include the explanation.


I don't frequent the Daily Mail site too often.

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