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Snake's WWE Invasion 'Royal Mafia Rumble'

Snake Plissken

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"Hey Everybody, it's your host Jerry 'The King' Lawler here, welcome to the first ever UKFF WWE Invasion Royal Mafia Rumble.


Below you will see the list of entrants to tonights PPV extravaganza. We will find out just who is man or woman enough to survive. I am excited to see whoever wi...


As Jerry is introducing the show, the Nexus them tune hits the PA system & out come all the members of Nexus behind Wade Barrett.




WB: Thanks Jerry, but I'll take it from here. You see Superstars despite me having all of the Nexus here tonight. We can always do with a few more members, so know this that within the group of 'Superstars' competing tonight some of them have decided to join the Nexus. Now it would be real easy for me to tell you who, but I'll let you work that out for yourselves becuase your either Nexus or Against Us!'


With that the Nexus retreat to the back to watch the action from the monitors backstage


Well thats changed everything viewers and this match has take on a whole new meaning now! The 20 Superstars need to eliminate the Nexus defectors before they take over everything!! Now down to ringside so the action can begin.



In no particular order, the Superstars appearing are (The follow pictures DON'T represent where they are in the 1-20 list):













1. SMS

2. Top Man Shopper

3. Lion of the Midlands

4. Brownie

5. Family Guy PMSL

6. Dan Williams

7. Ron Simmons

8. Nexus

9. Bugsey713

10. TheRandySavage

11. bristep123

12. insert_name_here

13. Carbomb

14. Mike Castle

15. TripleA

16. Burchill's Buddy

17. Mesacret

18. Lawz

19. Chris B

20. CoreyVandal




General Rules


1) This is a game. HAVE FUN.

2) I, as Your Moderator, have final say in everything. If I make a mistake, please send me a PM to discuss it. Votecount errors can be pointed out in the thread.

3) Anything in the thread that should draw my attention should be bolded, thus: @Mod, blah blah blah.

4) You may not talk about this game outside of this thread; exceptions are only when your Role PM allows it.

5) Bolded Blue is my color. Do not use it, under penalty of Impersonating The Mod (which is modkillable; don't make me do it).

6) Posting in other colors is allowed, and in fact encouraged. I like colorful games.

7) Do not quote your Role PM or any other PM from Me (Other than to tell us your character name and roleclaim). Do NOT quote Win conditions. Likewise, do not quote from any outside communication.

8) Do not post in invisible text or tiny text. If I have to "Quote" your post to be able to read what you made small, I will Not Be Happy.

9) I will post votecounts no more often than once per page, or once per real-life day, whichever is less. If there's been a burst of activity, and I've not posted a votecount, feel free to send me a PM.

10) If you somehow have the ability to edit your post, do not. I will modkill you. Dead. Worse than Dead. Your faction will suffer. I am Evil when crossed. Be warned.

10a) Flavor is flavor. Parts is parts. Nothing in the flavor reflects Actual Game Mechanics. You are free to ignore the flavor (except, of course, that you'll hurt my feelings; I expect to spend a good deal of time creating flavor, and I think you should at least read it. However, it has no bearing on the game. At all.)


Player Activity


11) I do not (always) automagically prod players. If you would like a prod sent, ask in-thread. Prods will be sent, on request of at least two living players, after 48 hours of inactivity. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) are counted as 24 hours.

12) If you are prodded: You must respond in-thread within 36 hours or you will be replaced. If you require a second prod, you will only have 24 hours to respond before a replacement is searched for. If you require a third prod, you are subject to replacement.

13) If you are one of those annoying players that INSISTS ON USING CAPSLOCK, you have automatically lost a brownie point. No, I'm not telling you what will happen, as it completely depends on my mood and exactly how annoying you are. (There will be no modkills strictly for using capslock. But don't push it.)

14) Votes MUST be bolded and MUST be at the beginning of the line that they are on (flush left, if that makes it clearer).

15) Notwithstanding Rule #14, if I think it's a Vote, it's a Vote. Be very clear of your intentions.


Deadlines and actions and such


16) Days will have a one week deadline (7 days); extensions will rarely be granted, and then only in extenuating circumstances.

17) If activity severely lags, I may or may not institute a shorter Day deadline. You will have at least 24 hours notice should this happen.

18) Night deadlines will be at least 48 hours. Do not ask for a shorter (or longer) night phase.


Death and other matters


19) No-lynch requires a simple majority.

20) If the required number of votes is not reached by deadline, there will be NO LYNCH.

21) Lynching requires a true majority of votes from the living players. Every votecount will have the number alive and the number required to lynch.

22) Once a lynch has been reached and it is Twilight, everyone may talk until I post the death scene and move the thread to Night Phase.

23) If you are night-killed, you are allowed one "Bah!"-type post. No game-relevant content allowed.




24) I reserve the right to modify these rules if necessary. Any rule changes during the course of the game will be clearly announced in the thread.

25) Do not tempt The Mod. Do not annoy The Mod. Do not get The Mod wet, nor feed The Mod after midnight.

26) Do not admit to not having read The Rules. I get very, very upset about this. The rules are here for a reason. Read them, follow them, know them.

27) Remember to have fun. After all, that's why we're here, isn't it?

28) There are NO Jesters, Cults or John (Or Juan) Cena's in this game. Also there will be no surprise additions late in game.

29) Face or Heel aligments do not bare any relevance to this game you are looking to root out Nexus defectors and NOT current Nexus members (They also only exist in this game in flavour txt. Don't waste days discussing whether such and such is Husky Harris)


Role PMs are being sent out now, once I confirm you can start go for it!

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Role PMs are out. The Game now Starts (Burchills Buddy can you PM me please).



Lynch = Over the top rope

Night Phase = Go to Ad Break



The Next Ad Break is on Saturday 4th December at 23:00. With 20 Alive it takes 11 to throw someone over the top rope

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As the crowd awaits the first entrant to the Royal Rumble match, suddenly the whole arena goes pitch black, as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring.


Once in the ring, Taker grabs the mic, then waits for his music to stop playing as the lights come back on.


"I'm sick and tired of all this Nexus bullshit going on around here right now, so I don't care whoever comes out next, I will go through each and everyone of you to put an end to this crap once and for all."


"Nexus, prepare to Rest In Peace!"

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As Taker stands alone in the ring his microphone lowered, The Miz's music breaks the eerie ambience and "The Awesome One" makes his way to the ring closely followed by his protege Alex Riley, both slide under the bottom ring and hustle around the deadman.


The Miz snatches the microphone from The Undertakers hand, and looks him up and down, he smirks before going to speak ...


... Taker nails him with a big right hand, Riley bails to the outside and through the crowd, Irish Whip into the ropes but Miz ducks the clothesline and slides under the bottom rope to the outside, grabbing a Microphone from ringside


*panting* "Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say that I know in the past I've been in this for myself, playing for the greatest aim imaginable, ME. The Awesome One winning gold and being the greatest superstar the WWE Universe has ever witnessed, but this game is different, this game is flushing out rats to win, something I can help with so whatcha say Taker? Lets stand firm and await the next Superstar to see if we can get this ball rolling and send someone O ... T .... T!"

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Daniel Bryan here. As the only person in the Rumble who has been a part of the Nexus, I know them inside out. I'm going to be crucial in making sure that any of them who get involved either tap or snap.

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The All American American here. I look surprisingly like the black and white comic character, Jonny the Homicidal Maniac due to my gimmick change. My entrance gear now involves a neckerchief and guns.


And unless you watch Smackdown regularly, you can't disprove me.

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Im back and im back for one reason only........... DESTROY NEXUS! The King of Kings isnt going to sit idly by and watch some bunch of rookies destroy this company. I am the Cerebral Assassin and i am that damn good! Nexus you say you're either Nexus or you're against us, well im against you and pretty soon for you and your defectors its gonna be GAME OVER

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What's Up! What's Up!


R-truth is in the hiz-ouse.

I'm anything but humble cos i'm here the win the rumble

From 1 to 20, i'll be kicking ass a-plenty

Nexus you've got me quaking in my boots, not really cos like OJ and Kanyon you're nothin' but fruits

I don't care if you're white black or brown, you get in my way i'm gonna lay the Smackdown

What's Up! What's Up!

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