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Bellator's 2nd and 3rd seasons kick off on April 8th. For those that don't know, Season 1 took place over a few months and consisted of a weekly fight show, with a tournament format which finally crowned the promotions first champions. The season was a huge success, the only problem was, it wasn't shown on US TV, it only aired live in Spanish. This time it's on Fox in America (not in the UK, but it should be easily available if you know what i mean), and i can't fucking wait for it to start. The promotion heavily features up and coming fighters, some of the hottest prospects in MMA will be on these shows, it's gonna be awesome and it's weekly!!

Fighters: Middleweight (185lb)
Bryan "The Beast" Baker (14-1)
Eric Schambari (14-1)
Matt Major
Sean Loeffler
Jared Hess

Fighters: Lightweight (155lb)
Chad Hinton
Toby Imada
Mike Ricci
Ferrid Khedder
Carey Vanier
Janne Tulirinta

Fighters: Welterweight (170lb)
Ben Askren
Steve Carl
Brett Cooper
Sean Pierson
Dan Hornbuckle
Jacob McClintock
Ryan Thomas
Jim Wallhead

Fighters: Featherweight (145lb)
Georgi Karakhanyan
Shad Lierley
Eric Marriott
Patrcio Pitbull
Wilson Reis
Bao Quach
Joe Warren
William Romero

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first shows are taking shape too, i'll update these as i read stuff, but this is how they are looking so far:


Bellator 13 - April 8th

* Eric Marriott vs. Joe Warren (featherweight tourney first round)

* Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Bao Quach (featherweight tourney first round)


Bellator 14 - April 15th

* Shad Lierley vs. Wilson Reis (featherweight tourney first round)

* Patricio "Pitbull" Freire vs. William Romero (featherweight tourney first round)

* Ben Askren vs. Ryan Thomas (welterweight tourney first round)

* Jeff Curran vs. Joe Doherty

* Felice Herrig vs. Catia Vitoria


Bellator 15 - April 22nd

* Dan Hornbuckle vs. Sean Pierson (welterweight tourney first round)

* Jacob McClintock vs. Jim Wallhead (welterweight tourney first round)

* Steve Carl vs. Brett Cooper (welterweight tourney first round)


Bellator 16 - April 29th

* Bryan Baker vs. Sean Loeffler (middleweight tourney opening round)

* Rudy Bears vs. Zak Cummings

* Brian Davidson vs. Danny Tims

* Tyler Stinson vs. TBA

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Why isn't there a separate forum again?

We don't do subforums. There was an epic war a few years back about MMA threads. This reached such a height that MMA threads were close to being banned from the entire forum.

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Can't wait to see this.Some real good fighters involved.Warren,Askren,Wallhead,Cummings,Hornbuckle and Curran are the ones I'm most familiar with.


I hope to see 'Judo' Jim Wallhead win the WW tourney.He was one I was sure UFC would have signed by now to be honest.Maybe the fact he's another Rough House WW went against him possibly causing another AKA situation where 3 WWs won't fight each other.

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I don't want to come across as some spoil sport here, but I for one don't appreciate all of these MMA threads. I come on the UKFF to read and share my views on wrestling, not martial arts. I don't mind the odd UFC thread here and there, but I don't see why mma should get its own threads on here, yet football, boxing, darts, formula one etc gets discussed in the off-topic section. Pro wrestling is a completley different entity to mma. I'm sure there are forums out there specifically for you ground and pound lot.


Once again, I don't want to come across as sounding like a twat, but come on - there's fucking loads of different cage fighting threads here already.

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Or am I missing something?

The first sentence in my above post.


Which just makes a statement and doesn't explain why, which is what I'm asking.


It's not like there'd be requests for sub forums all over the place. MMA is pretty much unique in it's relationship to pro wrestling and it's crossover appeal to wrestling fans.

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