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[Nominations] Greatest Moment of 2009


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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the ring saying goodbye to WWE fans @ WWE WrestleMania XXV, 5th April.


After Piper & Snuka are eliminated Ricky Steamboat faces off with Chris Jericho @ WWE WrestleMania XXV, 5th April.


Batista returns to WWE to save Triple H, Shane & Vince from getting beat down by Legacy @ WWE Raw, 6th April.

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Steamboat rolls back the years, going armdrag crazy, at WrestleMania XXV.


Hulk Hogan announced as TNA signing in Madison Sqaure Garden.


Undertaker appears in Michaels/JBL segment, Royal Rumble ("Sometimes it's hell trying to get to heaven", y'know, that one).

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JR's hissy fit at Backlash when he got ribbed during the Kiss Cam.


Chris Jericho ripping Rey's mask off at Extreme Rules when he attempted the 619.


Desmond Wolfe letting the Impact Zone what he thinks of them.


Ricky Steamboat comes off the top rope right off the bat before unloading with Arm Drags at Wrestlemania XXV.


EDIT : Shawn Michaels kicks out of the Tombstone.

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