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Claudio Castagnoli and Kip Sabian are going to play Warhammer.....

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5 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

The mix of wrestling and Warhammer fans will produce a toxic gas that envelopes the planet.

Don’t want to get done for insider trading but invest in shares for Lynx Africa now and sell them straight after the event. 

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41 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

Back when you could just bring an army and grab a table to play they'd be packed, pretty sure you can't do that anymore and I barely ever see anyone in my local when I walk past.

My girlfriend crafts “Enchanted” things from polymer clay and the like. She was looking at various places to get something for a forest floor effect. My heart sank when she mentioned Games Workshop. I bit the bullet and took her there. 

She got that she needed from there. Two of the staff were your usual quiet and awkward type of nerd, but the “Charismatic” nerd was actually teaching two GIRLS!! how to play. He was in his element and was clearly having the time of his life and the girls were enjoying learning from King Nerd. Naturally, I was disgusted by the whole sordid affair. 

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