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Ole Anderson passes away


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I never saw much of his in ring work, literally just certain Horsemen matches, tags with Arn etc. And he was the voice of the Black Scorpion in 1990! 

But his shoot interviews later were a joy to behold. Especially enjoyed the RF one, just to listen to him having Feinstein walking on eggshells the whole time. Ole’s constantly testing him and bollocking him for being stupid and it’s great.

Ole: If he (Flair) died right now I’d be pissed only because he died right now. I’d want him to die slow.

RF: Why’s that?

Ole: I hate the bastard. 

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Ole Anderson shoot interviews were a constant reference point backstage at CIWW shows when I was working there regularly, this in particular:


We'd crack each other up with "bullshit bullshit bullshit!" and "couldn't work a shit" constantly. We made a couple of parody documentaries, like a Hall of Fame induction for a guy who only ever had one match, or a half hour mockumentary they made about me (without my knowledge!) after I left, and there was always a running joke that people were appearing on them "out of character", but they'd have completely made up names, be putting on accents, and just generally dicking around. We never got around to it, but I really wanted my character on them to be based on Ole here, just every time any wrestler's name got mentioned, cutting to me saying "couldn't work a shit". 

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