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Wrestling's Best Heel 2021

Frankie Crisp

Wrestling's Best Heel 2021  

70 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's the best baddie?

    • Kenny Omega
    • Miro
    • Bryan Danielson
    • MJF
    • Young Bucks

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Has to be Miro, for me. I don't think I've ever found a wrestling character as genuinely chilling as I do him. What's more, you could easily take the character he's playing, make him the villain in a top TV show and he wouldn't seem out of place. He'd also be just as terrifying. 

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I found Kenny hugely entertaining through his run as champion, and his gleeful heeling it up was just so much fun. The fact he was also the main event story throughout was a big part of why I voted for him here - Miro was great, but he never got the great feud with a great babyface in the way Omega did. We won't get the stars aligning in quite this way very often.

I'm honestly surprised Reigns isn't on the list, and that's as someone not watching.

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Reigns and Omega are like variants from different universes.

Top heels, World Champions, leader of factions. Only in Omega’s universe it’s actually an entertaining, fun, interesting, evolving act that gets everyone he faces over, with a clear end goal that transferred all the heat and made a superstar.

And then in the other universe it’s a fucking chore of an act, boiled down to nothing, doing the same thing every week until the end of time, smashing through everyone, killing the show so dead of contenders that they’ve got to move people over from other brands just to give him fresh opponents, with absolutely no end goal in sight. For a company that, “makes movies,” I’d love to know what movies they’re watching where the antagonist murders all your favourites for hours and hours and then the credits just roll.

So yeah. Omega. One of the best heel runs I’ve ever seen.

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