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Dana White Contender Series Season 5

Zebra Kid Mark

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So season 5 starts tonight and it airs exclusively on ESPN + in the USA. I don't know what that means for us U.K. fans as I can't seem to find anything online about it. Hopefully I will be able to find a way to watch tomorrow after work. The last season was on UFC fightpass but i can't seem to find anything about it this season.

This is tonight's line up. Unfortunately I don't really have a clue who any of them are so the write up will come after I have seen the show.

Light Heavyweight Azamat Murzakanov vs. Matheus Scheffel

Featherweight Diego Lopes vs. Joanderson Brito

Flyweight Victor Altamirano vs. Carlos Candelario

Welterweight AJ Fletcher vs. Leonardo Damiani

Anyone have any idea how to watch it?


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Duncan seems pretty well rounded from what I have seen. Heavy hands and nasty ground and pound.

He got majorly fucked over because he did his full weight cut 2 weeks ago, his original opponent missed weight and then pulled out the day of the fight with a sore tummy. Looks like he has stayed in Vegas and done the weight cut again for this opportunity. Interesting to see if that has any impact. 

Some of these DWCS have more interesting matches than a lot of recent fight nights but then again I would rather see prospects than the likes of say...Sam Alvey.

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Hadley got the win, and surprisingly got a contract.

Dana said post-fight that he was advised not to give Hadley a contract based off his behaviour in the week. Sean Shelby stormed out when Dana awarded him the contract.

Gonna be some drama with this guy.

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Finally dipped into this, mostly down to curiosity of seeing the hometown boy Jake Hadley on there. Been hearing his name for a bit now, saw a few interviews and clips and knew he was Cage Warriors champ but never actually saw a full fight of his. Quite eventful all round wasn’t it? I enjoyed the fight and thought he was really fun to watch. Looks handy in the striking, I loved the activity off his back when he was taken down and him getting the submission was pretty sweet. Kind of reminded me of Carlos Condit with the striker/aggressive grappling combination. Already he seems like the type who’s gonna get in his own way though. Missing weight was bad enough but it sounds like he was a right twat behind the scenes if Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard were so against him getting the contract that they stormed out of the Apex in disgust. He’s really lucky Dana took a liking to him because if he didn’t, that could’ve been him locked out long term just off a bad first impression.

I’m split on the signing. On the one hand, it seems a bit shit that he’s getting special treatment and Dana’s willing to sign him despite the weight miss while Christian Rodriguez did the same thing, missed weight and won, yet is told to go back to the regional circuit. On the other hand, he’ll be a great addition to the Flyweight division. If he makes weight going forward, that is. I say it all the time that I’m a big fan of the Flyweights and love how exciting the division has become since Cejudo pissed off. But one thing it’s lacking is a proper dickhead who will get in there and ruffle some feathers. Already, I think Hadley might be just the man for that job. Remains to be seen how good he is but wherever he falls in the pecking order I think his style will make for fun fights with pretty much anyone. 

Highlight of the show for me though, was Slava Claus.

Put on a great performance, got the big knockout and then that in the post-fight interview. I like this guy. 


Not a bad show to properly introduce me to DWCS. I might stick with it. 

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I have only managed to watch episode 1 this season despite me absolutely loving it last year and it being a highlight of the week. I think a lot of it is down to 2020 being pretty shut and me having a lot more free time on my hands.

Like Egg Shen said, I need to get back into it as they're fun to watch and the fight night cards are always littered with these guys so it improves my enjoyment of the fight night shows when you know the back story of the people taking part.

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Now I enjoyed my first DWCS show the other week but…

Again, I’ve barely seen anything of DWCS but seriously? Am I missing that many bangers from this show or is this just, as I suspect, Dana chatting shite again? I get why he’s hyping up the show but Christ. Does DWCS library even surpass Cage Rage yet? Let alone Pride, Strikeforce, WEC etc. 

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