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Bellator 262 - Velasquez vs. Kielholtz (July 16th)

Egg Shen

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well, if 261 felt like slim pickings, 262 is likely gonna feel a whole lot slimmer.

On paper theres not a lot to get excited about here but i thought id get a thread up. 

I do like that Bellator shows alot of faith in their female Champions. Velasquez is newly crowned but they are giving her the full spotlight. Kielholtz is a kickboxer so this is only gonna be interesting if it stays standing.

Few heavyweights sprinkled across it though which could bring some fireworks. Kind of hope it does and surprises a few folk cause id imagine the MMA community will be shitting all over this.

any takers?

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Aw, diddums. For a total wanker who likes to throw abuse at people (like calling Fallon Fox a "freak"), ol' Shithead sure is a sensitive little soul. All attack, shit defence. Sounds about right.

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Hang on, did you see the headbutt he was on the recieving end of? it was 100% accidental but that was a hard shot and he ended up on bottom with a champion wrestler on top of him. I know Mitrione will get no sympathy on here but he was abit unlucky Friday night. Its the second fight in a row where a headbutt has led to him getting stopped.


I do like the look of Tyrell Fortune though. Him calling out Timothy Johnson to right that wrong sounds good to me.

The actual main card here was pretty good in the end.

Velasquez/Kielholtz was a real good main event. Nice to see a high level womens fight where you always felt there waa threat of a stoppage, Kielholtz throws some heat. The final numbers were strange, i thought Velasquez quiety outlanded Kielholtz but the numbers were lopsided in Kielholtz favour. Velasquez still picked up the split decision.

Mattheus Mattos looks the goods at Bantamweight as well as Johnny Eblen at 185. Couple of good showcases for those two.


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1 hour ago, Egg Shen said:

Mitrione got his walking papers...


Not at all surprised by this tbh. He brings nothing to the company or eyes on any show he's on really when bellator are doing such a good job of building new stars 

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