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Death punches & Jesus sandals: The Fabia & Sanchez story


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Might as well give it its own thread. Because this shite doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Some context for anyone new to the story;

Fabia’s claimed he’s taught Diego a “death touch”. For real. Resulting in headlines like this; 


He also asked for Diego’s medical records going back through his whole UFC career, probably trying to dig up some dirt on the company to use against them later. But then...

They’ve got all sorts of strange training methods, including one video which came out a while ago of Fabia chasing Diego with a knife. Oddly enough, these training methods don’t seem to have translated to any kind of success for Diego in the Octagon, in fact he’s looked worse than ever under Fabia’s watch, but he continues to roll with it. It goes on and on with them. Now Diego’s no longer in the UFC, the gloves have really come off.

I suspect there is some truth to this. Dana’s always come across as a sleazy sod so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a UFC ‘casting couch’ scandal waiting to come out. He already had that sex tape controversy a while ago. But this is the problem with Fabia. He chats so much shite that even when he’s saying something that probably is true, it all gets lost in his nonsensical ramblings.

I’ll leave you (for now) with these words of wisdom from the man himself;

I’ve got a feeling this is going to rumble on and on and on. 

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Helwani got some weird texts off him last year as well apparently. And check that video at the bottom there;

Hits him for 20 minutes every day “so his body understands impact”. Yeah, I think if any fighter’s body already understood impact it’d be Diego Sanchez. That lesson was learned many years ago. 

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It all feels a bit like this was always going to be the path for Diego, ever since TUF he was the weirdo, bit of harmless fun but obviously this seems a lot more unhinged when he's paired up with another nutter.

I haven't heard anything about this Dana White casting couch thing though.

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This has gone from a bit weird to full on disturbing and creepy.

If you fancy losing your mind, here’s the 90 MINUTE interview with Fabia and Sanchez, which is where a lot of these little clips and quotes are coming from.

And here’s what I assume will be a much more coherent and easy to listen to take from Anthony Smith and Laura Sanko;


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Yeah both. Whereas Diego has a pretty high nut content himself, Fabia seems manipulative and cult leaderish with it as well.

This made me laugh. I’m pretty sure I read that Coker already said he’s not interested in signing Diego the other day. 


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6 minutes ago, wandshogun09 said:

I’m pretty sure I read that Coker already said he’s not interested in signing Diego the other day. 

Indeed - https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/bellator/scott-coker-confirms-bellator-will-not-sign-free-agent-diego-sanchez/

With Sanchez and Bonnar both joining Fabia's cult, I wonder who could be next to join?

Mike Swick?

Jason Thacker?

Sam Hoger? 

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The cheek of the cunt. 


Oh and the actual article is even more out there. Bringing up personal stuff about Diego’s divorce, accusing him of being an addict and even a sexual abuser. I don’t buy anything this prick’s saying. It just smacks of typical control freak abuser tactics. Then there’s stuff about Diego throwing a fight or some shit. Why? Diego’s barely legitimately been able to win a fight in recent times, why would they bother to have him throw a fight? Guy’s a complete lunatic. 

Here’s the article;


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