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One Championship Thread

Egg Shen

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Ha, literally just posted this in the MMA News thread. Forgot we even had a ONE thread.

2 minutes ago, wandshogun09 said:

This is bonkers.

Not a fan of the weird hybrid rules fights. They’re often just a confusing mess that doesn’t really answer much either way. Cro Cop vs Wanderlei 1 springs to mind. But I’d be lying if I said I won’t be all over watching this. If you’re unfamiliar with Rodtang, this is him…

24 years old with a Muay Thai record of, wait for it…267-42-10. Mad little bastard. The fact it’s gonna start with a Muay Thai rules round could be bad news for Mighty Mouse. I mean, he’s awesome and he’s never gonna be easy to put away in a round but I wonder how much damage Rodtang can inflict in that opening few minutes and how it might effect the MMA round that’ll follow it. Weird one but I’m mega intrigued.

Apparently Chatri Sityodtong also confirmed that Bibiano Fernandes vs John Lineker and Garry Tonon vs Thanh Le will be on that same card. December 5th. Bananas.

I don’t keep up with ONE that much outside of when a DJ, Eddie Alvarez or Lineker fighting but every now and then they’ll bang out a mad card like this that I have to check out. 


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Quick reminder, One Championship: Lights Out is today, free on youtube.

Bibiano Fernandes/John Linkeker is the co-main event! what a fight!

I'm planning on watching the 3 fights on top this evening, full of notable names.



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Looking at his Wiki, whilst it doesn't state that this was the reason, there was apparently a contract dispute after he won the belt. He re-signed, but I'm guessing that was the reason why they made an interim champ.

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Skimmed through the undercard for this. It was mostly the last 2 fights I was interested in. They were pretty eventful. 

Thanh Le vs Garry Tonon was the typical striker vs grappler match and this time the striker came out on top. Christ. Tonon got completely switched off and did the Undertaker face and everything.


Gone in 56 seconds. Don’t recall seeing Le before. I’ve seen his name but I think this might’ve been my first time actually seeing him fight. Not much to go on here obviously, it was less than a minute, but I liked how calm he stayed when Tonon was going for the leg lock. I suppose training with Ryan Hall will give you that confidence and it turned out to be valuable here. Is it just me as well or does Le look like Max Holloway and KJ Noons somehow had a kid together?


Or maybe went into that teleporter thingy in The Fly and Le was what popped out the other end?

The draw of this card for me was always gonna be the Bibiano Fernandes vs John Lineker fight though. I’m a huge fan of Lineker so any time he’s fighting, wherever he’s fighting, that promotion has got me as a viewer. And I have fond memories of watching Fernandes in the DREAM tournaments when he was at his peak. So I was looking forward to this.

I hadn’t followed the buildup, just never really get time to properly delve into ONE unfortunately, so I didn’t know there was apparently a bit of a grudge between these two. I know they were supposed to fight a few months ago and it got delayed. It was worth the wait though. I know it’s only March but I enjoyed this fight about as much as any other we’ve seen so far this year. And there have been some corkers already.


Hands Of Fucking Stone!

It was such a fun and wild fight before that though. Fernandes brought it. Always knew he’d have the advantage on the ground but seeing him drop Lineker was nuts. Can’t remember the last time I saw Lineker get knocked down. His jaw is stone along with his fists. Fernandes was throwing with bad intentions in the exchanges and between the knockdown and the takedowns, I thought he was ahead at the time of the KO. That’s the game you play with Lineker though. Always a massive risk and Lineker fucking clobbered him. Poor get looked like he was having an out of body experience.


Loved the fight. Fernandes fought well, especially for 41 years old, and he was going for it with everything he had. But Lineker is lethal when he connects. Freaky power for a little munchkin. Even when he was taken down, the sound those little short body punches he was throwing was making was horrible. Little short shots that he wasn’t even winding up on much at all, and the thud of them sounded like he had bricks in his gloves. 


I’m still a bit baffled why the UFC let him go a few years back. Yeah he missed weight loads but I didn’t see them cutting Aspen Ladd or Sijara Eubanks and they weren’t 2% as exciting on their best day as Lineker is on his worst day. I love watching him do his thing in ONE but I’d love to see him in with the UFC’s current crop at 135/145 now. Imagine Lineker vs Yan, Sterling, Yair, Kattar etc. Imagine Lineker vs Aldo! There’s endless possibilities. If he never goes back though, I’m quite content watching him throw sledgehammer punches in ONE. I’d kill to see him against McKee or Pitbull in Bellator as well actually. 

So yeah, turns out ‘Lights Out’ was a fitting name for this show. 

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you can't be trading hooks with Lineker, no one in the world at that weight beats him at that game.

@wandshogun09you may remember Thanh Le's name from The Ultimate Fighter Season 22 (the McGregor/Faber season) He won one and lost one in the house but never actually fought in the UFC after that.

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anyone see what the Ruotolo Twins did at todays One event? They are a pair of Brazilian 21 year old BJJ phenoms based out of America.

Both took part in grappling matches, one dominated Shinya Aoki, the other tapped Garry Tonon in under 2 minutes!

look at this shit...


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