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The SIGNS of hindsight


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I'm watching WCW Halloween Havoc '93 and hear Jesse Ventura say "look at that sign..... Stunning Steve Austin is the wrestler of the 90's". I had to rewind it to see the sign and there sure enough it was, expertly hand crafted including some kind of gold foil. You couldn't see its owner but could tell that it had been lovingly made. And I  thought, how right was that kid was when you look back at it historically. 

Then I thought, there's gotta be loads of examples of this happening.... Signs that meant nothing at the time but with hindsight are totally on the money. 

And where better to discuss it than a forum who mostly enjoy watching wrestling from yesteryear. I would have liked to put on a picture of the sign but literally have no idea where to begin but if the topic takes off maybe that would be nice

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41 minutes ago, Supremo said:


Given recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taker himself was holding this sign. Whilst carrying a knife.

Always gets a chuckle that sign. I just the idea that it’s someone not trying to be funny, they were just compelled to dismiss any sordid rumours about the deadman.


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