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UKFF Good Plant-Based Egg Substitute of the Year: 2019


UKFF Thread of the Year: 2019  

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I think it must be Onyx2. Kaz is a grand fella and Frankie is always there with helpful suggestions and Springsteen songs. But this year, it's Onyx2, and not just because he took the awards burden off my shoulders (I have really bad shoulders).

Honourable mention to @chokeout who regularly helps me out with things, all out of the goodness of his heart.

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This is a really hard one, all six are very deserving. On reflection though, and despite the fact I regretfully didn’t nominate him, I’d like to see UK Kat Von D win this. Our tastes in wrestling can often be polar opposite, but even when I find myself completely disagreeing with his opinion, I never leave a thread thinking he’s anything other than a top guy. He’s a very likeable chap, and I can’t help but admire his passion for what he believes in.

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