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Brock Lesnar

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Apologies if "The Beast" has a seperate thread anywhere, i couldnt find a recent one and the search function never seems to work for me.

Anyway, with the recent news that he appears to have "retired" from MMA, what do we think is left for him in WWE? I know he will be appearing at the Saudi show but we'll ignore that.

Is there any matches left involving Brock you want to see? Does he go to Smackdown in October to coincide with the move to Fox? Could AEW even throw a big cash offer his way?!

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Brock is like the final boss on a side scrolling beat em up. You slug away for ages to reach him and he either mullers you or you beat him and get a shitty 'well done' cut scene before being sent back to the start page again. 

In short, fuck him and his minions. 

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Damn right I still want to see him. These days there's Brock, and there's Cena. Then there's everybody else, five or six light years behind the pair of them.

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