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UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs Teixeira - May 28


Who wins and how?   

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Sunday Fight Night on the 28th May as the octagon returns to Stockholm, Sweden. 



Alexander Gustafsson vs Glover Teixeira 

Misha Cirkunov vs Volkan Oezdemir 

Ben Saunders vs Peter Sobotta

Omari Akhmedov vs Abdul Razak Alhassan

Nordine Taleb vs Oliver Enkamp

Jack Hermansson vs Alex Nicholson 


Pedro Munhoz vs Damian Stasiak

Chris Camozzi vs Trevor Smith 

Reza Madadi vs Joaquim Silva

Nico Musoke vs Bojan Velickovic


Darren Till vs Jessin Ayari

Marcin Held vs Damir Hadzovic 


Like a lot of the European Fight Nights, this doesn't look the strongest on paper but these cards often wind up being pretty entertaining. There's not a lot of depth there really though, in the sense that if the main event falls out, they're pretty fucked. 



Gus vs Glover is the main event. Excellent fight. We've talked a fair bit about the light heavyweight division's woes recently but this is one of the few must see fights out there at 205 at the moment IMO. You've got the technique and volume striking of Gustafsson vs the raw punching power and grappling of Teixeira. 

My fear with this is, they've booked this fight a couple of times now and it's went tits up due to injury pullouts. Hopefully that won't be the case this time and we'll finally get to see these two throw down because it should be an incredible fight. Having it on Gus' home turf will only add to the atmosphere as well. Can't wait for this one. 


Anyone need a jar opening?...


Misha Cirkunov is back in the octagon. He's from Latvia, lives in Canada and he's an absolute fucking tank of a man. 13-2 in MMA. And he's 4-0 so far in the UFC, all finishes. Submitted Nikita Krylov in a round at UFC 206 in December. He looks decent, to be honest. Can't see him making a real splash at the top end of 205 but in the current landscape he could probably beat a lot of guys below the top 5. 



This card also sees the return of Norwegian wildman Emil Weber Meek. Just look at the cunt. He's 9-2 in MMA and he's a lot of fun to watch. He's fighting style is as wild as his appearance. He made his UFC debut at UFC 206 where he won a decision over Jordan Mein in an exciting fight. He also holds a 45 second TKO win over Rousimar Palhares. He's a likeable guy too. There's a certain charm and charisma to him if you watch his interviews. He's fighting Nordine Taleb who's no joke in his own right. A tough Canadian who knocked out Erick Silva not too long ago. This is ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH*** on this card. I'm hoping it makes the televised bit of the card because I can see it stealing the show. 


What else? 

Taisumov vs Silva could be good. Taisumov can be a real handful and Silva is unbeaten. 

Saunders vs Sobotta should be lively as well. I expect Saunders to win but he can be hot and cold and Sobotta the same way sometimes. Skills wise though, if they're both up for it I expect an entertaining fight. 


So yeah, not an amazing card or anything. Could throw up some good fights though and as long as that main event stays intact we're good. 




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Banging these things up early wand. i like it.

This is a perfect example of a card that doesn't leap out at first but on closer inspection turns out to be a bit of a belter 

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This card is worse than the recent London one on paper, for me. Who the fuck is Christian Colombo? Apparently he's had 2 fights in the UFC but his name doesn't sound familiar to me at all.

Like has been said, often these cards deliver despite how poor they look on paper, but save for the main event this one really does look SHIT on paper.

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The Colombo/Grabowski fight is weirdly placed, not a single win between them in 4 fights in the UFC, i can only assume Grabowski brings in Polish fans? 

Colombo from what i remember looked like a guy who could have competed at one of the old UFC, big, slow and very un-athletic. 

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The order of the fights might not be right anyway. They're often wrong when I first knock up these thread opening posts. Especially with these Fight Pass events. 

Regardless though, there's nothing on there really that stands out as an obvious co-main event. Like I said, if Gus vs Glover falls apart (and it has twice before already), then what the fuck headlines? There isn't one other fight on this card that looks like a main event, even for Fight Pass. 

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I believe that Oezdemir vs Cirkunov was rumoured to be the co-main.  Would personally put the Taisumov and Meek fights as the other two main card fights.

I don't see why Latifi vs Nogueira wasn't put here - that would be a decent enough co-main.

Till and Al Hassan are both huge prospects - they are the highlights of the prelims.


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This is live on BT Sports 2 on Sunday with the FS1 prelims starting at 4pm and the main card from 6pm.

It'll be nice but strange being able to watch live with my Sunday dinner :) 

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Cheers Wand, I hadn't realised it was on as early. It'll keep me company in Sunday evening as I nurse my hang over from the gig at Slane the day before. 

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Hope Gusty can get back on track with a statement win here. I like Glover too but feel like Gus has more upside. He hasn't been the same since the Jones fight IMO.

Emil Meek being out injured makes this card look even weaker, hardly any names jump out at me. Ben Saunders can be a bit of a grinder sometimes so I don't know what to make of him. Peter Sobotta's only 30? Shit, thought he was much older. My last memory of him was getting stopped in quick fashion by the since retired Kyle Noke.

Despite having a girl's name, Misha is an interesting prospect.

It makes my heart happy to see Marcin Held jerking the curtain on Fight Pass. Can't stand his style, so suffocating and devoid of real attempts of damage or finishing. I enjoyed him being on the losing end to a decision to Lauzon last time, even though he probably should have won due to top control, Joe was doing more with strikes and subs from the bottom. The more decisions we have like that, the more grapplers might wake up and stop being so passive. I'm not anti-grappling at all, I'm anti-riding out the clock. One of my favourite fighters is Charles Oliveira with that great jitz game, and I also have a lot of respect for Demian Maia.

Even though I'm not high on this on paper, it's still a free day of fights. I actually forgot it was happening until about half hour ago. Would be happy to be educated on the lesser known fighters with some fight recommendations too.

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couple of weird points there Shane...

Ben Saunders a grinder? 

and Marcin Held? 16 finishes in 22 fights doesn't sound like a guy who doesn't fight for the finish. Held has an exciting grappling style, bit of a footlook specialist, hardly someone who takes guys down and rides out the clock.

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Some last minute predictions for a card that doesn't really enthuse me and I'm expecting the main card to carry things in terms of excitement.

Gustafsson by Decision
Cirkunov by KO/TKO
Saunders by KO/TKO
Akhmedov by Decision
Enkamp by KO/TKO
Hermansson by Decision
Munhoz by Submission
Smith by Decision
Silva by KO/TKO
Velińćkovińá by Decision
Till by KO/TKO
Held by Decision

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