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  1. Manuwa vs Oezdemir is official for UFC 214. Presumably Manuwa remains the standby for either a Cormier or Jones pull out.
  2. I believe that Oezdemir vs Cirkunov was rumoured to be the co-main. Would personally put the Taisumov and Meek fights as the other two main card fights. I don't see why Latifi vs Nogueira wasn't put here - that would be a decent enough co-main. Till and Al Hassan are both huge prospects - they are the highlights of the prelims.
  3. Yeah, I've got a feeling that Weidman murders Bisping.
  4. I feel sorry for Edwards in that he produces a career best performance and win - yet seems completely lost in the shuffle almost given everything that happened.
  5. Fuck it - do Manuwa vs Jon Jones. In London.
  6. Diakiese was lots of fun. Felt for Grant who looked set for a 30-27 win when he got caught. Only 2 decisions in the 11 fights.
  7. They usually do winners vs winners in terms of last fights. Can see OSP getting Teixeira next on that basis - though Gustafsson needs to get matched up so it could be either Bader or one of them for him.
  8. Manuwa vs Bader next for me, presuming that Bader gets through Noguiera. Was there live this morning - mental. The Manuwa and Mousasi finishes were absolutely superb. The Roberts vs Perry fight was pretty insane, and Alcantara looked phenomenal. The main event was stressful but thought the winner was pretty obvious. Had it as 49-46 Bisping myself (taking 2, 3, 4, 5) but can see an argument for 48-47.
  9. We are flying out the Tuesday before and heading back Sunday. Decided to stay within walking distance of Madison Square Garden as we are going to New York Rangers and New York Knicks games also. The flights aren't too bad, it's the hotels across pretty much all of New York that whack the price up. Return direct flights and 5 nights for 2 of us set us back around £1,850. Edit - thinking about it - the £1,850 includes return shuttle from the airport to the hotel; and also Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building tours. If we stripped that out, flight and hotel was around £1,720.
  10. Yep, I'll be there. Better be worth the price! You only live once, I paid $600 each plus the crazy fees. I can pay that for Conor or Ronda not sure I would for anyone else. Did $1k each for lower bowl. Moment of madness.
  11. Yep, I'll be there. Better be worth the price!
  12. Shevchenko Barboza Ngannou Curran Got a funny feeling that Holm might unexpectedly lose tonight.
  13. Winner of the Hamburg Arlovski vs Barnett fight.
  14. Rogan was absolutely terrible. How you can not know that Cormier vs Silva is a 3 round fight when you're being paid to give expert analysis and insight is beyond me.
  15. Good show but did feel a little underwhelming. The commentary was the worst it has ever been.