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ImprovMania - wrestling-themed improv comedy, Newcastle, April 5th

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So, I'm in an improv comedy group in Newcastle called Spontaneous Wrecks. This is our Facebook page and here's our Twitter.


We do a show every month in the city centre, at the Bridge Hotel pub opposite the Castle Keep (good beer there), and each one has a different theme. The next one is on Wednesday 5th April, just a few days after WrestleMania 33, so it seemed clear that we had to do a wrestling-themed show!




ImprovMania will be a night of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' style games and scenes, all made up on the spot and led by audience suggestions - but with a wrestling twist.


I've never plugged one of our shows on here before, but with this month being a wrestling theme, if any north-east based UKFFers fancy a comical end to their WrestleMania week, please do come along.


Tickets are £4 on the door or 2-for-£5 if you buy online in advance here. Doors are at 7.30pm, show scheduled for 8pm, but in true BritWres fashion it'll probably be a couple of minutes after 8 when we get going.


A couple of us are big wrestling fans so will be doing our best to get as many in-jokes and references into the show as possible that the likes of you lot will enjoy, and wrestling suggestions are welcome, but there'll also be plenty of non-wrestling content so we don't alienate our audience - or players - who've never seen wrestling before! 


(For example, we'll probably be playing the classic 'Whose Line' game 'Party Quirks' - but it'll be played under Royal Rumble rules, where a new player will enter every 30 seconds. That kind of thing. Trying to please non-fans and fans alike!)


Finally, the event page, with full venue and show details etc, is here (there's another ticket link in here too). Much like WrestleMania itself, anything could happen at ImprovMania...


(And if you don't fancy that, May 3rd is our Star Wars show!)



Spontaneous Wrecks: ImprovMania

The Bridge Hotel

Castle Square



£4 on the door, 2-for-£5 online

7.30pm doors, 8pm show

Wednesday 5th April

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Our two-for-a-fiver tickets are still available on Ticketsource up to the day of the show, should anyone still fancy it. We also made a photoshopped WMXXX poster with ourselves as WWE guys which is on our FB page. I'm Randy Orton but my physique is obviously better in real life. See for yourself, this Wednesday!

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Well that was bloody brilliant, exceeded all expectations and will defo be back with pals in tow to the next one. Personally, helped to take my mind off things and belly laughed for the entirety. Seriously, HG, quality performance by you and your crew, and nice to briefly meet you at the end of the gig.


For anyone in the area on the 3rd, get yourself to the bridge, star wars themed show and if it's anything like this, £4.00 is a bloody bargain.

Personal highlights, were the darkness that ensued during the war on the price of bread. Also, the international interaction between dentist and accountant patient.

Good luck going forward chaps and token vagina.

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Kaz, you're a gentleman. Very kind of you to post such a great review and I'm really pleased the show gave you some laughs and you want to come again! Really good to meet you in person at the end as well.

ian - my other half recorded a few bits, including our - ehem - 'glorious' entrances... whether they'll ever see the light of day is another matter. Luckily she didn't catch the bit where our MITB holder cashed in his forfeit and I had to reenact as many wrestling moves as possible in 60 seconds... you know, people criticised Goldberg for getting blown up quickly but we were exhausted and we weren't even doing the moves!

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