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Best of the Year Thread (Fights, KO, Subs)

Egg Shen

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Let's talk about it...


The obvious ones will come up, but im hoping to discover a few other fights that may gone by in other promotions or under-appreciated UFC fights.


Post what you liked and what you liked about it :)

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Well, let's start with the Diaz/McGregor feud. It's the biggest drawing feud in MMA history and, like Toy Story, the sequel somehow managed to surpass the excellent original. I think what makes me happiest about the fights is it's made Diaz a filthy rich millionaire that now won't get out of bed for less than $20M. Hilarious how it's turned out for him after Dana's "he's not a draw" rant.


The first was incredible because of how Nate managed to withstand the McGregor onslaught and then in the second choke a fool out, leading to the mighty "I'm not surprised, motherfuckers". McGregor's doubters finally being fed something they've been after for years, a loss and proof that there are holes to pick apart.


Of course, this led to the 200 drama where McGregor retired, unretired, said he was on the card, then Dana said he wasn't etc. It pretty much cursed the 200 show, it seems.


Nevertheless, for king Nate, McGregor pushing his luck with the UFC led him to renegotiate his contract not once, but twice for the eventual showdown they had at UFC 202. Such was Nate's leverage, Dana allowed him to smack his fat head on camera and in super slow motion - gangster shit.

The fight itself, was the perfect fight for such a large viewing audience, as it once again highlighted that MMA is the most entertaining and intense sport in the world. It seemed like it was scripted too, with the nods to the first fight. McGregor coming on strong early, only for his cardio to play up almost at the exact same point as their first fight. However, unlike the 1st, McGregor showed what he's made of and weathered a ropey late 2nd round and 3rd round to eventually come out on top in a super close battle of two killers.

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FWIW - I don't watch any MMA outside of the UFC, so all my selections are going to originate from there.


Fights of the year:


McGregor vs Diaz 2 - Incredible redemption build going into this fight. Smacked the UFC straight into a fantastic mainstream spot, drawing more PPV buys than any other show before. Immense fight as well, with so many twists and turns. Nate getting dropped a couple of times in the early rounds, Conor gassing out before finding a second wind in the fourth round, the fight actually going the distance - which not many people at all expected. A brilliant advertisement of MMA to all the new and casual fans who would have tuned in to watch.


Lawler vs Condit - Complete and utter war between two of the most resilient fuckers in the UFC. Stupidly close fight which showcased the best 5th round we've ever witnessed inside the octagon.


Doo Ho Choi vs Swanson - Another back-and-forth war where both guys looked fantastic coming out of it. Both guys had periods of control and dominance, and we got to see just how durable Choi's chin is. Rightfully garnering all of the plaudits it deserves, great stuff.


Wonderboy vs Woodley - One of the most dramatic fights of the year for sure. Wonderboy managing to recover from the mauling he was given in the fourth round still boggles my mind. Two guys, again incredibly even but neither managing to do enough for the victory. A perfect result in a draw, as I'm now dying to see them go at it for a 2nd time.


JJ vs Gadelha 2 - Another instance of a dramatic fight. Claudia dominating the first two rounds, only for Joanna to bite down and come out swinging in the final three made for a great fight. Two excellent fighters displaying just how skilled they were. 


Honourable mentions: Barnett/Arlovski, Bisping/Silva, 


KO's of the year:

Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story - UFC 202

Lando Vannata vs John Makdessi - UFC 206

Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixera - UFC 202

Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205

Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold - UFC 199


Honourable mentions: Yair Rodriguez vs Andre Filli, Dan Henderson vs Hector Lombard, Brian Ortega vs Clay Gudia


Submissions of the year:

Amanda Nunes vs Miesha Tate - UFC 200

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor - UFC 196

Miesha Tate vs Holly Holm - UFC 196

Demian Maia vs Matt Brown - UFC 198

Michael McDonald vs Masanori Kanehara - UFC 195


Honourable mentions: Ben Rothwell vs Josh Barnett, Mickey Gall vs CM Punk, Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Hamilton

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One of my favourite KOs, or certainly the first that comes to mind, is Cowboy's on Rick Story. Mainly because it looked like a combo from a video game.




Of course, probably the best of the year and the most gratifying, is Bisping's on Rockhold. I shouted up a lung when Rockhold started to wobble. Absolutely perfectly timed.


I've watched that moment more than anything ever in MMA. Bisping you beautiful bastard.



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That KO was great but Lando Vanatta's spinning kick on John Makdessi at UFC 206 was the knockout of the year by far, in my opinion. And one of the best knockouts in MMA history. I'd always said Barboza vs Etim was the best KO I'd ever seen in MMA and Vanatta vs Makdessi actually makes me question that.


There's been some incredible knockouts and submissions this year. I'll have a look back over the cards later and add more because there's some I'm bound to have forgotten.

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It wasn't the FOTY but I just rewatched Dan Henderson vs Hector Lombard from UFC 199 and fuck me it's amazing. It'd have to be up there for me. Top 10, maybe even Top 5. So many twists and turns. The fact that going in I honestly thought Hendo might die, then Lombard dropping him twice in round one made the stunning knockout by Hendo all the better.

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I really wanted Hendo to ride off into the sunset after beating Lombard. It would have been a great way for him to go out. However, if he had retired then, we wouldn't have got the Bisping fight in Manchester. If this year wasn't packed to the brim with FOTY contenders, it's possible that Bisping vs Hendo 2 would be an outside contender for FOTY. It might not live up to replay value - although I haven't re-watched it - but on the night I was engrossed by it. 


I just checked the World MMA awards. In 2014, they gave Fight Of The Year to Aldo vs Mendes 2. Now, that was a great fight, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed Hendo vs Bisping 2 more. Bisping vs Hendo 2 was fought at a lesser standard, but it featured just as much drama, if not more. In 2012, they gave it to Lauzon vs Varner - which if I am honest - I don't remember much about. It was probably an unbelievable fight, but it didn't tug at my heart strings like Hendo vs Bisping 2 did. 


So yeah, we've been spoilt with memorable fights this year. I didn't nominate Condit vs Lawler in the Awards thread as I forgot it took place at the start of the year. A lot of stuff has gone down since then.

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