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Best promo/commentary zingers


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I miss the days when Jerry Lawler used to call random fans ugly whenever the cameras panned on to them; I remember one time Jim Ross sincerely reprimanded him for doing so.

I also recall a Survivor Series in the mid-90's where Lawler made a blatantly racist remark about Ahmed Johnson; now that I mention it, it could have been Curt Hennig either.

Ross seems like a decent man in an industry filled with sleaze merchants, never understood why he gets the criticism he does.

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Another Heenan one liner this time from an old Nitro from spring 98:

Tony Schiavone: Boy, wouldn't it have been great guys to have something as exciting as a Nitro Party when we were growing up?

Bobby Heenan: We did, it was called dating.


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On ‎30‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 7:56 PM, Snitsky's back acne said:

It started at well after midnight on a show where a lot of fans had been in the building since early afternoon watching some football match on the TV.
I believe it was reported as 'the hottest day in years' or some shit too.

I remember that Jay Phoenix was stood next to the TV and cheering whenever England conceded a goal or lost control of the ball and that was also the show Ruffneck [I think] kicked off at him too.


yeah it was England / Portugal I think, id forgotten about Pheonix in front of the screen been a twat

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Heenan again.....

when mr t was walking to the ring at starcade 94, dressed in black n white stripes top to toe wearing a silly hat. Heenan said he lookks like a zebra with a beard.

then also said he looks like he looks like he been standing to close to the bars when they spray painted the cell

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