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Paddy Holohan McRetires


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This is on Paddy's Facebook. A huge shame. He seemed like a great guy. That last fight he had was incredible and the post-fight speech was even better.


I've known this announcement was coming for a week or more now and it has only felt worse the more I have thought about it.


I am forced to retire from MMA.


I was born with a factor missing in my blood called Factor XIII. I never disclosed it then or now, it came to the UFC's attention from a third party and I can no longer pass the medical requirements to compete, only 1 in 5 million people are diagnosed so I knew that it was so rare, organisations wouldn't understand or take the chance with me as I have found out now, I never explained in full to John or my team the actual risks cause I didn't think there was excess risk .


It is a disorder that is only dangerous for me not my opponents.


I really did see MMA as the way to have a real shot at life for myself and my family and it turns out I was right.


I have mixed emotions about it:


• Proud because I always wore my heart on my sleeve, stood my ground, never cheated, never turned away from diversity or challenges and always strived to inspire and encourage people from all backgrounds.


• Sad because I will never make that walk again, under those lights, feeling all those uncomfortable yet life giving feelings as they count and you hear "walk walk walk" staring into a camera, knowing millions are watching but most importantly the Irish are watching.


I am also disappointed because people who have cheated within the sport due to PEDs etc putting their opponents in extra danger will fight again, whereas for me it's a genetic 1 in 5 million disorder that stops me dead in my tracks.


I really feel I was only turning the corner in my fight career and I still have so much more to give!


Thanks to all of my team over the past 9 years at SBG. My coach John who backed me regardless when I had nothing but effort to offer him in payment, it's been an incredible journey for this council kid!


To all the Irish people and people of my home town of Tallaght who have always caught my falls and helped me back to my feet, I am forever grateful to those people who have backed me through thick and thin.


This journey has made me the man I am today.


Paddy "The Hooligan" Holohan.

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It is a real shame. It always is when someone's career is cut short too soon and they can no longer do what they love. He was never going to be a champion, probably wouldn't have even made it to title contention to be honest, but he was always fun to watch (as Supremo says, his last fight with Smolka was tremendous) and he brought something to the flyweight division that's sorely lacking - a bit of personality.


He seems a great guy. Hopefully he's got something else lined up where he can make a decent living. If he was one of those fighters who was just 100% all in with MMA then this is even worse for him because he'll be lost now coming out of MMA with no idea what's next. I'm sure if the worst comes to the worst he'll always have some kind of job as a coach at SBG.


And who knows, maybe he's got some big business venture in the pipeline? Maybe his own brand of tea or something? He loves his tea.


You've all probably seen this before but it seems fitting to repost it in here, A Spot Of Tea With Paddy Holohan;




It's another one of Ariel Helwani's excellent one-on-one interviews and it really shines through here what a good bloke Holohan is, why he got into MMA, his family, how much he loves MMA, and tea! Give it a watch if you've got a spare 40 minutes to kill and haven't seen it.

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I've had a soft spot for Paddy ever since that magical night in Dublin. He was the first guy out, and put on a brilliant performance that set the tone for the rest of the night. I remember being stunned at how loud the crowd reaction was. You couldn't hear the person next to you. You'd think he was Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1998.


I've probably harped on it about it enough on here, but being there live that night was something else. The crowd was insane all night, the fights were brilliant and it was easily the best live event I've ever been to. It solidified me as an SBG fan boy for life.


A year later I managed to meet, get a photo and have a chat with Paddy at the fan event in Dublin. He was even nicer and more friendly than he came across in the press. The only person I've seen more happy to meet and chat to his fans was Conor. He looked absolutely thrilled to be there and he and Aisling Daly eventually had to be dragged away by security, or else people were never going to leave. A top, top bloke.


He was never going to be champion, but he was a rare gem in the Flyweight division, a proper character that you could root for. Nobody knew it at the time, but if that promo after the Smolka fight is the last people see of him then he went out brilliantly.


"I never come out here and say I'm the best, I never said I was born gifted, but I tell ya's one thing, when I do come out, I give it yas everything."


"I'm going to have a cup of tea."



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