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Egg Shen

Youtube cool finds thread

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6 minutes ago, Egg Shen said:

Im fascinated by traditional martial arts though. Modern day with the rise of MMA i always find it strange that traditional martial arts still have a place. Jeremy Horn is constantly posting expose videos of the masters at work.

It is an area of interest of mine as well, most modern day Martial arts like Krav Maga, BJJ etc are a lot more condensed versions of the traditional, taking out all the honour and respect for the opponent that happens in sparring/competitions in Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Just boiling it down to all the stuff that works in real life scenarios with various weapons, instead of breaking boards or doing kata. For an early comparison of this I started doing karate and found it boring practicing the same stance and kata as a yellow belt, that a blue or green belt was doing except they would do 3 or 5 more moves extra on top. It basically comes all down to form and remembering the movement. I sacked it off and found boxing training not only more difficult, but more rewarding in the process.

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu is huge and a lot can be learned from it, but there is so much pomp and circumstance surrounding it. As a whole it is flashy, but you soon realise that a lot of the punches and kicks aren't that impactful, due to their lack of backswing off them. The use of weapons is a whole other kettle of fish, since a lot off the weapons are as just as dangerous to the user as they are to an attacker. Anyone who has ever tried to swing around nunchaku will have smashed their cock and balls into a fine paste trying to be Bruce Lee.


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