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WAW/Bellatrix thread. next weekender 10/11/12 march.


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73 in total with more to come and thats not including our Summer season of holiday camps.
8th WAW A...
20/21 TV
22 WAW A

5th WAW A

10th Gt Yarmouth
11th Attleborough
12th watton
17th Ipswich & Boston
18th North Walsham & Beccles
19th WAW A
24th Thetford & Leiston

10 tv
11 tv
12 lowestoft
17 brighouse
18 leeds
19 stalham
24 diss
25 downham market

15 Aylsham
16 Great Yarmouth
17 Sheerness
21 Thetford
23 Clare
29 Ipswich

7th WAW A
19 tv
20 tv
21 lowestoft
28 North walsham

4th WAW A
18th WAW A
23 leiston
30th Thetford & Ipswich

2nd WAW A
7th Yarmouth
14th Yarmouth
16th WAW A
21st Yarmouth
28th Yarmouth


4th Yarmouth
6th WAW A
11th Yarmouth
18th Yarmouth
20th WAW A
25th Yarmouth

1st Yarmouth
3rd WAW A
8th North Walsham
15 TV
16 TV
17th Lowestoft
22nd Ipswich

8th WAW A
13th Thetford
20th Leiston
22nd WAW A

3rd TV
4th TV
5th WAW A
18th Aylsham
19th WAW A

3rd WAW A
8th TV
9th TV
10th Lowestoft
17th WAW A




ONLINE TICKETS www.wawuk.com


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Good work, Ricky. If you can keep this updated - or put your results out on Twitter - it'll help reach a wider audience, and help people putting together round-ups (no names) get info a bit easier.


Who is the TV taping for, by the way?

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Hoping to see Anderson & Hall return for the next set of TV tapings. Whilst it's often nice to see a wide variety of 'imports' on shows, some consistency with the characters featuring on the TV show is preferable, IMO.


(Anderson vs. Robin Lekime sounds a great match-up to me!)

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the next two WAW/Bellatrix weekenders are 19/20 March at the Talk Oak Sreet Norwich and May 14/15 TV Taping .


Already announced for The Talk two world championship matches.


RQW World heavyweight championship.


Roy Knight c v Luke Hawx USA.


WAW World heavyweight championship


Zak Knight c v King Kendo


winners will unify titles at May tv tapings.


Also announced at the talk WAW annual 30 man rumble winner to become no 1 contender for WAW British heavyweight title


Already announced for tv tapings in May.


return of commissioner Scott Hall

Mr Anderson 



Tickets for these weekends are, the talk


ringside 25 pounds SOLD OUT includes free entry to bellatrix and academy show early entry to shows, meet n greet extra match 

2nd row 18 pounds.includes free academy 5 pounds entry to bellatrix meet n greet early entry. extra match.

3rd row 15 pounds.includes 5 pounds entry to bellatrix half price academy show extra match.

10 general admission.



20 pounds ringside

8  pounds general.


Academy show 3pm saturday 

6 pounds general.


May tapings.

40 pounds VIP includes all three tapings Free weekend program free meet n greet with stars pre show.bonus match

general 15 pounds per show 


tickets are available online at


tel 01603 485719 office hours

0800 046 8164 office hours

07880 977 512 10am-10pm


keep up with all thats WAW at www.wawuk.com news and updates to follow.

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Can I ask what the RQW belts bring to WAW? 


As an outsider looking in, you have the RQW World, Euro tag's, Euro cruiser-weight and Euro Women's (why one is a world and the others are European only, I'm not sure, when previously they were UK titles) along with 6+ WAW World/European titles.


Wouldn't it be easier to have at very least just the WAW titles, and then defining the one "area" that they are in relation to, IE: Either World/UK/Europe etc.


Not having a go or anything like that, just wondering why you have some many random titles.

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Waw titles at present are

Waw world title

Waw european title

Waw british title

Waw british tag team titles

U23 championship

Academy championship


You then have the bellatrix titles





Rqw titles i believe were given to waw by len davies to give them a permanent home where they would be defended. The ecta (european catch tour association i beleive) european, tag and junior titles (there equivalent to the u23 title) are also defended in waw on occsasion too.

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Ok guys we are looking at unifying some titles soon we have run RQW Titles for reasons put forward but need more clarity for TV. ECTA is a company in France who we link with and many of our guys have been champions. 


It is true Xpac has been signed for our May tapings as well as Thetford the night before, he will be wrestling. 

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It's cool to come in with another companies belt, as you can say " [Wrestler X] won that championship whilst abroad", and it sounds important. But to have various titles that are World/European and UK, it seems a bit of over kill, at least from my perspective of an outsider looking in.


The RQW belts , whilst understanding the reasons above, I have to say I don't think they are needed. The only way around that be if those belts were the only ones in WAW, and you promoted RQW as the parent company or something similar.


With WAW having TV and such like, just flat out having "WAW championships" and not "the world/European/UK" titles would be more fitting. OR if you're going to have the world/European titles as well, you need them on somebody who isnt always in WAW......making it seem like they are away elsewhere, until somebody climbs the ranks in the UK shows to challenge for a World or European title.


Anyway, enough rambling, but again that's all my perspective as somebody who knows very little of WAW, and wanting to possibly get into the shows. It needs to be as streamlined as possible, if a casual fan who doesn't know anything about WAW looks and sees 10+ titles, some of which are all on the same people,  it'd probably put them off.

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thanks for your input guys it is taken on board and we are working towards less belts in the future. tbf many WAW outsiders have had our belts over the years, Our world belt has been defending in about 10 different countries because of it and i favour them on outsiders if i feel they will carry them well for us,   

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