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DVD Players that can play Region 1 discs?


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Short Version:

Can anyone recommend a cheap DVD player on the market right now which can play Region 1 discs?


Long Version:

I went through a stage in the late 00's when I would buy loads of Region 1 DVDs for those special features that weren't on the UK version or rare stuff that wasn't even released over here.


For the last 5 years or so however, those old discs have sat on my shelf while I have been watching Blu-Rays in glorious high definition.


Last month we moved house and the wife had no objection to me using our spare bedroom as a man-cave. Everything is set up except a DVD player.


I looked at some cheap dvd players Argos are currently selling. The LG DP542H looked decent enough and - being an experienced multi-region guy - I googled that type to see if there was a code to make it multi-region. Even better than a code, numerous reviewers on Amazon said "Played my Region 1 DVDs straight away without needing a code".

I bought it, tried it, didn't work.

I used some of the codes Google did come up with which work for other LG players, no luck there either.


It was only £30 so I looked at Argos again and saw the Toshiba SD1020KB for £28. Google had two different hacks. As writing off that first £30 wouldn't break the bank I nipped back in and picked up the Toshiba one.

Trying it just now, no luck.


I don't want to keep wasting £30 every day, so at this point I thought I should ask the good folk of the UKFF:


What cheap DVD player on the market right now will definitely 100% play Region 1 DVDs?

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That definitely used to be the case. Not anymore it seems.


I had 2 or 3 in the past when the basic rules were (1) the cheaper the better, and (2) Never works with Sony.

Was never an issue.


But the two cheap ones I bought with brand names that have loads of region hacks found with a quick Google search have not worked.

So I'm hesitant to risk it a third time unless it's a model that somebody can tell me DEFINITELY works.


On further investigation in to the Toshiba SD1020 model it seems the original SD1020 (on sale circa 2012) was fine, but the 2014 version does not work with the same code(s). Bastards.

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