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The Revolution Pro Wrestling Thread

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Fantastic end to the BJ Cup

1200 people as sitting ducks in East London, I would hope the security is pretty tight. Perhaps a Bataclan style attack would be more likely than someone buying a ticket and doing something but still.

Oh. Lolz.

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Just watched episode 2, basically a one match show with Will Ospreay vs Rocky Romero, along with some episode 1 recap and hype/analysis. It's a really good match though, well worth tracking down. I reckon the picture quality of the show is the best in the country right now.

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We really need to talk about this :




As upset as I was to have to miss Okada VS Ricochet.... this has me absolutely moist. I can't wait.


This almost makes me forget that I still haven't received my copy of When Thunder Strikes......

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Ishii vs. Mastiff would be cool, but so would Ishii vs. Ospreay!  Styles I'd probably prefer to see wrestle someone else, as superb as the first Ospreay match was.  Zack if he's around?!


I'm happy either way with Styles ; if he wrestles someone fresh, great. Selfishly I wouldn't mind him fighting Ospreay again as I wasn't able to come to the first.


It's not likely to be Zack, Noah have a show the same day.

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