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Virgin installed a new Super Hub and now I'm fucked


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Today, Virgin came and installed a new Super Hub 2 in my yard. 


All good, right?




Now, I can connect using my laptop, phone and Xbox but in all cases it says no internet access. I've spent ages trying to troubleshoot this. It's connected, but no internet access. Can anyone think of anything to try? Otherwise I'll have to phone Virgin. Anyone who has dealt with them on the phone knows that's best avoided.



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I've been having trouble with my internet here- in a share house with 5 people and we've been set up with Virgin Broadband. Everyone else in the house has super fast internet, can anyone think of how I can get up to speed? I've reset the router and even put my computer back to factory settings to try and wipe out any possible errors in my settings (I thought unblock us might have been an issue).

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