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The UKFF's 50 Favourite Sitcoms - RESULTS

Devon Malcolm

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Yep, it's results time. Or at least it will be tomorrow, so watch this space.


Some stats:-


83 different people voted.

136 different sitcoms were nominated.

32 different sitcoms were nominated in the number one slot.

5 of these did not make the final 50.

1 sitcom was voted for by the same people in their top 10 good and top 3 shit lists - 4 times!

The sitcom appearing in the highest number of lists yet missing out on the top 50 was voted for 7 times.

The sitcom appearing in the highest number of lists yet not managing a single number one vote was voted for 21 times. It was also the highest placing sitcom not to receive a number one vote from anyone - it finished 16th.


I did it on a super great points scale that is of no consequence to anyone that saw 1st place get 16, 2nd get 12, 3rd get 9, 4th get 7 and then down 1 point each time to position 10.


Here is the ongoing list as I add entries (from Monday):-


50) Rising Damp

49) Modern Family

48) M*A*S*H

47) The Big Bang Theory

46) Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?

45) Coupling

44) The Phil Silvers Show

=42) How I Met Your Mother

=42) 'Allo 'Allo

41) One Foot In The Grave

=39) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

=39) Dad's Army

38) Futurama

37) 15 Storeys High

36) Black Books

35) The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

34) Community

33) The Royle Family

32) Early Doors

31) The Thick Of It

30) 30 Rock

29) Still Game

28) The Inbetweeners

27) The Larry Sanders Show

26) Cheers

25) Spaced

24) Phoenix Nights

23) King Of The Hill

22) Blackadder The Third

21) The IT Crowd

20) The Young Ones

19) Friends

18) Blackadder Goes Forth

17) Red Dwarf

16) South Park


Other stuff:-


* Sit-Bombs (Part 1)

* Sit-Bombs (Part 2)

* Sit-Bombs (Part 3)

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Are you ready?





Rising Damp (1974-78)




Number of 1st place votes: 0


Total number of votes: 5


What's it about?


Leonard Rossiter repeatedly tries to boff Frances de la Tour. Richard Beckinsale and Don Warrington look on, skint.


What do I say?


An ITV sitcom! One really did make it - but only just.


Yes, ITV's sole contribution to this entire countdown is, unfortunately for them, one that might be remembered mostly by many forum members for its repeats on Channel 4 in the late 1990s. ITV just can't do anything right, can it?


Rising Damp is one of those sitcoms that rarely gets talked about when discussions like this are had, mainly because of the fact, perhaps, that it was an ITV sitcom and one that doesn't have the benefit of constant repeats and airings like its BBC counterparts. But there is no doubting its place in British sitcom history. It shot Leonard Rossiter to superstardom after a relatively unremarkable career of small support roles in films (most notably in 2001: A Space Odyssey), made Frances de la Tour an unlikely object of desire, and made stars out of Don Warrington and Richard Beckinsale.


It's still fantastic, too. Rossiter's delivery of one liners is almost impossibly good and although he is a thoroughly repellent man, you still can't help rooting for him as he desperately tries to get into Miss Jones' knickers. In that regard, he is one of the great sitcom anti-heroes of all time.


What do you say?


None of you said anything about it. Strike a light!


Some good bits!



"I couldn't play a romantic lead, not with my feet!"


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SITCOM FACT: The brother of Frances De La Tour, Andy, appeared in hopeful winning sitcom Bottom as Chief Inspector Grobbelaar.


He also appeared in an episode of The Young Ones as a pilot.


"Right, boys. Take her out back and give her a good drubbing!"

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I'll admit, I struggle to watch it through feeling sad about Beckinsale. I thought he was great in both Damp and Porridge, such a shame. Loved some of Rigsby's lines towards Philip and "your lot" and for some reason I always got a kick out of the fact the cat was called Vienna. Not sure why.


Good start.

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I had two ITV sitcoms in my good list. Bottle Boys and Up the Elephant and Round the Castle. Nah, it was a different two sitcoms. Good ones. I also considered Never The Twain because Windsor Davies.


So this is the only ITV sitcom to make the good list then?


Indeed it is.


Fucks sakes. The fact that one of the ITV sitcoms I nominated misses out means you are all fucking idiots.

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I'll be doing an occasional feature in this list that I will probably forget after about two goes that will mention sitcoms that surprisingly received absolutely no attention at all and received no nominations from anyone.

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