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UKFF 8th Annual NFL Fantasy League


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Hey guys, things have been in motion for the 7th Annual UKFF NFL Fantasy League for a while now. I've opened up the 2012 League and everyone from last year is still in as of now. Anyone who doesn't wish to take part this year please let me know and if anyone wants to add themselves to the list of potential replacements, please indicate in the thread.


Also to regular players, theres always the discussion of any changes, improvements that can be made.


Draft is currently set for

Monday 27th August @ 9pm


Teams for 2012 are currently


Lawz E Enterprises

Springfield Atoms

Ye Olde England Patriots

Aberdeen Giants


Raging Demons

Chelscago Bears

Jim Brown's Bobble Hat

Phoenix Knights


Bluenose 86ers

Saskatchewan Reacharounds

Cullens Colts

Terrible Pun

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Would somebody please PM me a reminder on the day of the draft this year? :blush:

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So far we've got confirmations from the following teams


Lawz E Enterprises - Lawz

Cullens Colts - Cul

Aberdeen Giants - hbk4life

Ye Olde England Pats - johnnyboy

Jim Browns Bobble Hat - butch

Chelscago Bears - dj stevie c

Phoenix Knights - spike

Raging Demons - Seph

Terrible Pun - JFFC


El Espanacas were you the Saskachewan Reacharounds? I struggle to link forum names up to the team names on the site since it only gives me first names and theres always two mikes, two chris' etc.


Anyone else in/not in this year? Lemme know with your team name here from last year and we can find replacements for those who don't reply early enough. I've PM'ed JFFC and a couple others to remind them its football season :D

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Dunno where else to ask this, but what's the deal with Sky and the NFL this year? Why is there absoulutely no coverage of it anywhere in their listings, nor has there been since the SuperBowl. Last year we had Total Access all summer, and even the pre-season games. Even ESPN have no hint of any coverage.

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