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The Darren Ambrose Appreciation Thread

Frankie Crisp

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Today is a sad day. He brought pleasure to millions hundreds with his amazing midfield dominance, wonder-strikes from 84 yards* and glorious eyelashes, but today Darren Ambrose left Selhurst Park and caused heartbreak in one particular flat in Liverpool. Sob.


Always a favourite from his first season with us, Ambrose gave me one the absolute highlights of my stupid life by scoring a wondergoal before my very eyes at Old Trafford. Whilst I was sat with the home fans. Celebrating. With a Scouse accent. I don't think one goal has ever made me happier, but along with that he also scored some

despite his numerous injuries. Bummed Will Young, too, if you believe the rumours **


Anyway, here are some quite wonderful Ambrosetastic moments:


- 37-yard screamer against Aston Villa

- twatting volley against Sheff. Utd.

- yes, that one

- keeping us up


Of course, there are plenty of other lower-league players who are also adored by people so share your favourite memories, links and goals of the players who didn't quite hit the big time but have a special place in your heart.


Don't just limit it to football, though. Underrated musicians, actors, writers; go for it. Everyone has their favourites who we all are familiar with but what about the ones who not everyone realises are so frigging fantastic? Share!


* unofficial OPTA average

** they are just that, legal people

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Darren Mackie would fill that void, Frankie...



The image of Simon Weston and Thomas Brolin's lovechild is no comfort at this time. But thanks for trying.


Please sign him... :(


With every day he goes without a club make me even more nervous that we may just take him back out of sentiment. :(

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The mighty Neil Mellor.


His career never really got going with us although he'll always be remembered for this goal for me:



He then had a lower league career with the likes of Sheffield Wednesday and Preston before retiring earlier this year aged only 29.


Leave the memories alone Neil lad.

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Posted this last year so just repeating it for this thread




The true premier Ginge in pop, Kirsty MacColl.


I've mentioned MacColl a few times on here usually in the comments that don't warrant a thread... thread but MacColl is the dogs bollocks. Her career starts out with a 50's rock and roll sound almost bordering on parody with 'Terry' and the brilliantly titled 'There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears he's Elvis'. Then she evolved more in the 80's with her producer husband doing a cracking cover of Billy Bragg's 'A New England' before she fucked off to have a few sprogs.


She came back with the 'Kite' album in 1989. Kite is a fucking brilliant piece of work, with her cover of 'Days' as well as her own singles like 'Free World' and 'Innocence'. Her Musical stylings were off the fucking wall too. 'Electric Landlady' (a cracking name for an LP) contains cheery pop tunes, slow mournfull ballads and a full on swing and samba song, not to mention 'Walking Down Madison' fusing early 90's dance with Rock and early drum and bass, cracking top stuff. She also did a shit load of backing vocal work. The ammount of songs she actually appears on are is staggering. Appearing on tracks by The Smiths (Panic, Ask, Bigmouth), Happy Mondays (Hallelujah), Talking Heads (Nothing But Flowers) and god knows how many more, she pretty much did backing for anyone her hubby was producing at the time.


Her marriage went to shit in the mid 90's and she again fucked off for a bit then came back in 2000 with her last album 'Tropical Brainstorm' which was mainly Cuban and Brazillian music influence tracks and some ironic lyrics for her samba swing tune 'In These Shoes?'. Brainstorm was a great piece of work but then MacColl died at the end of 2000 in a speedboat incident. A bigger shame since she was so well liked by the music world seemingly as a genuine nice person, even Morrisey liked her... and he's miserable now.


Kirsty MacColl for my money is an example of a great underated artist. Most of us have definately heard or know a song of her's but how many people shout her praises or mention her work? Doesn't seem like many, most people most probably might just know her as "that bird who sang on The Pogues song" or "wern't she that lass who got hit by that boat" which is a real shame since she produced some top notch material.


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Another player I'm astonished more clubs weren't in for. Eventhough he's had his injuries, he's still incredibly skillful.


I think he's retired now though, isn't he? His knee or knees are fucked.


I meant Darren Ambrose. I never rated Gerdy Manbreasts.

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Being from Chesterfield in Derbyshire a place only famous for having a bent spire. There can be only one answer.


Sir Jack Lester




He is without a shadow of a doubt the best player ever to have played for Chesterfield (including the 97 FA cup semi team). Included in his many achievements while at CFC is his hat-trick in our 5-0 demolition of local rivals Rotherham on our way to the League 2 Championship season.


Spireite Five-0


If he hadn't been injured we wouldn't have got relegated either. God bless you Sir Jack.

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