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BBC Sports Personality of the Year

The Natural

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I'd give it to Strauss, thrashing the Aussies in their own backyard and whitewashing India are no small achievements. Plus he's been a great leader and ambassador. I couldn't argue with Cook or even Ian Bell getting it though.


It would be nice to see Amir Khan win, but he'll have opportunities in the future.

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Phil Taylor should win this, like every year. Never does though.


Insert 'Darts isn't a real sport' debate here


How is darts not a real sport?


Sweat? Fuckloads.


Need for liquid refreshment to keep going? Defo.


A particular athletic build? Of course.


Bobby George? Plenty of him, with chains.


In a pub? Even when it's not, it is.


Pork scratching? That being a criteria, it's more of a sport than any other.

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Has to be Cook surely if you're going for a cricketer just for the sheer amount of runs he scored in the Ashes? It was an amazing achievement. Nothing against Strauss but it seems odd to me that'd he win it this year when he's had better years with the bat. Depends how you weigh up captaincy against personal success though in the end.


Don't know if anyone's seem the long list of nominations, but the Manchester Evening News picks are amazing.


BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2011 - How they voted

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