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New WWE logo for the Network


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I like it, and think it should become the regular WWE logo.


The scratch design isn't representative of the company these days, which doesn't set out to be edgy or rough around the edges, like Raw was when the scratch logo was introduced. These days, the production is slick, the sets are shiny and everything is meant to look glitzy, and the logo should represent that.

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Looks cack.


I think they should have got rid of the scratch logo in 2002 myself when they changed from WWF to WWE. I liked it in 1998-2000 when it was still the WWF. Since the name change I always thought it looked shit how they just chopped the F off. The logo since 2002 doesn't even say WWE from what I can see, where's the E? To me it was always just 2 W's and a shitty upside down red Nike tick.


They can do better than that surely

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