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AWE Night Of Legends PPV


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Nash and Morton had a class match. Miracles do happen. Ricky Morton sold like Ricky Morton, they surprisingly stiff for two old blokes, and they told a great story. I was surprised at how good it was. Anyone who thinks Nash cant cut a promo needs to watch this. He cut a promo before the match which was excellent. You would think he wanted to kill Morton. Afterwards he was great as well. "Shut your mouths, keep buying my dolls, the economy might be bad, I know there are a lot of you suffering. Guess what: I ain't one of them." Saturn was doing flying head scissors and top

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Full results from wrestlingobserver.com for those interested....


The show is opening with Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer. Funk came out and said his doctor told him he was too old to wrestle although he's in good health. Funk said he was 105 years old and has known Dreamer since he was a kid. Dreamer had his gear. Funk hit Dreamer with the mic and they're off.


This was a short, slow-motion version of some of Funk's spots and Dreamer taking bumps like being crotched on the guard rail. Funk did his head-butts until Dreamer spit a drink in Funk's eyes. The finish saw Funk using the spinning toe hold but Dreamer broke it by hitting Funk with a chair. Dreamer then used an inside cradle for the three count although it looked like Funk kicked out at two and everyone looked confused.


Jamin Olivencia vs. Sonjay Dutt


Decent match, may wind up as the best match on the show. Olivencia's gimmick is that he repeats his name over and over again. Dutt's big move was doing a moonsault off the middle rope to the floor. The finish of the match saw Olivencia knock the ref aside, and missed Olivencia's low blow and a pin with an O drop.


Rick Garrison came out and talked about how Saturn hasn't wrestled in nine years and was a drug addict and eating food out of garbage cans. Chris Cruise got mad at him saying it but admitted it was true. Larry Zbyszko had no idea that was true.


Saturn did an interview, his gimmick is that he didn't even know who C.W. Anderson was and did his old goof gimmick thinking he was fighting D.B. Cooper.


Perry Saturn vs. C.W. Anderson


Saturn won with a sunset flip. Saturn's body looks completely different but given what he's been through he could have looked worse. Most of the match was Anderson working over his left arm. Saturn did more than you'd think, including a huracanrana and even did a tope into a chair shot which busted him open over the right eye. Saturn got really tired but gutted his way through the match, but going 10:00 was too long.


Duggan did the same kind of interview, in fact pretty much the same interview he's done for the past 27 or so years, tough guy. At least he's got his own distinct style.


Akbar got good heat. He looks like Juventud Guerrera with a turban. He said he was so rich he could bail out Europe. Duggan got mad at him for talking bad about the flag of the USA. He had said nothing about the flag. Maybe he forgot. Crowd was more into them going back and forth than anything so far even though it was all the easy heat.


Jim Duggan vs. Mohammed Akbar


Akbar mostly carried the match. He didn't really show much but what can you do with Duggan. Duggan got up and won in 5:00 with a running clothesline. Akbar vowed revenge after the match. Duggan did another USA promo after the match.


Fit Finlay vs. Alex Silva


Silva won in 22:33 with a low blow and schoolboy. Silva appeared to get a broken nose. Tammy Sytch managed Finlay and interfered a lot. Finlay sold the right knee for almost the entire match. This match seemed like it would never end. Finlay sold the knee and they teased stopping the match. The ref was carrying Finlay out and then Silva called him a coward and Finaly came back, and then just sold for what seemed like another half hour. Crowd wasn't into this at all, and even when Sytch tried to get them going. Silva came across like he had some poise for a 20 year old, confident on the mic, but Finlay worked a match from another time and place that didn't work here.


Obo Shongo vs. Short Sleeve Sampson


Shongo is doing a gimmick where he's from Cameroon. He looks like he's about 5-5 or so and Sampson is a mini. Crowd was into Sampson's rap and the idea of seeing a midget wrestle. Sampson did a series of cradles. They were out there way too long. Airplane spin and facebuster. Sampson did the worm, it didn't appear most fans remembered that spot. Sampson did a tope. Shongo tried to hit him with a stick but missed and the thing out of the stuck wen tin Songo's face. X-factor and frog splash and win by Sampson.


We never did get the Midnight Express vs. Mulkeys, not Buddy Landel, Tully Blanchard, Baby Doll or Ivan Koloff.


Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson vs. Kevin Nash & DDP


Gibson and DDP worked about 2:00 when Marvin Ward came out and told DDP and Gibson to go to the back that he changed it to a singles match. The crowd was not happy with this as they waned to see the Rock & Roll Express together even if it's 2011 and Gibson was really out of shape. He then ordered the ref to leave and brought out Ron Garvin to referee. Nash mainly worked over Morton for a few minutes, taking the padding off the turnbuckle and dropping Morton with snake eyes twice. Morton juiced. Nash then asked him what is his problem. Morton gave a promo about growing up in wrestling, loving wrestling and it not being for the money. Morton's babyface promo led to, you got it, the crowd cheering Nash. Nash heard his speech and said that the two of them have no problem because Nash was misunderstood and it wasn't about the money for him, because if it was he'd have stayed home with his wife and son tonight. Nash went to shake hands and power bombed Morton. Then, Nash walked away and Garvin raised Morton's hand and said he won via count out.


I guess it would have been impossible to have a match, but the idea of all the promos on the Internet meaning a thing to the crowd in Fisherville, VA, well, the match had no heat. When Morton kicked out no reaction. When Morton made his comeback, no reaction. The finish, and mic work, you got it, no reaction. Worse than you could imagine.

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