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Would you shag Adele?


Would you engage in sexual intercourse with Adele?  

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Basically, I was chilling with some dudes I know, and we all had a toke, and we started talking about how much it would take to fuck Adele. Anyway, one of the guys said he'd happily do it free of charge, he thought she was pretty sexy. He even said he'd take her up the back passage.


Cue some serious ball breaking by us. Notwithstanding the fact she's a totally flabby munter, she's also a vile human being who complains about tax despite being worth millions, cancels gigs regularly, celebrates the fact she's obese (the taxes will pay for her cardiac problems one day so it all works out) and behaves with fuck all decorum.


So I thought I'd put it to the vote. Is having sex with Adele acceptable?


Here are a selection of pictures, so those who've been living in a cave all year can make informed decision,







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Does anyone have a really large "rolls eyes" gif they can post in here for me?

Beware Dial up users.





Personally I think shes got a beautiful face, but christ she needs to trim down.


Her speaking voice is really grating too.

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