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taken from iwams message board


This is the line up


Masada vs Tremont

Barbwire Board, Tai Pai, Sandpaper Kickpads


Freakshow vs Chuey Martinez

Home Run Derby


Rory Mondo vs Spider Nate Webb

4 Corners of Pain with TLC

1 table in each corner


Corporal Robinson vs Dysfunction

Caribbean Spider Web Glass


Devon Moore vs Markus Crane

Hardcore Aerial Assault


Drake Younger vs Neil Diamond Cutter

Fans Bring The Weapons


Pinkie Sanchez vs Juicy Jimmy Feltcher

Fans bring the Thumbtacks and Thumbtack Weapons Challenge

The fan that brings the best thumbtack weapon will win a prize.


Pop My Cherry Match

Damian Payne vs Simon Sezz

Light Tube Ropes and Loose Tubes

Damian Payne has never been involved in a deathmatch in his career.


Non Tournament Matchup

Light Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Jason Stryfe vs Christian Hayme

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It's better than 99% of the interchangeable, bland, self-absorbed indyriffic bollocks names out there. IMO!


Like Simon Sezz, you mean? That guy should be set alight.


It was in a building last year. The year before it was in a bowling alley car park.



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