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Boxers to wrestle each other at Mania?

Jason Mayhem

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Just stumbled across this from last month so apologies if it has already been posted.


As far out as the idea appears initially when you look at it with the connections these guys have to wrestling it's not as far out there of an idea as it may first appear!


Barrett V Tua


Body of text for those that can't be arsed to click the link.....



Barrett vs Tua Trilogy Bout - At Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Posted by: Ryan Songalia on 8/16/2011 .


By Ryan Songalia


Fresh off a unanimous decision win over David Tua this past weekend, heavyweight boxer Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett says he is open to a third match with The Tuamanator - at Wrestlemania XXVIII.


The 40-year-old Barrett (35-9-2, 20 KO) of Bayonne, NJ survived a late knockdown in their ten-round clash in Tua's backyard of New Zealand to hang on for the win, which was a rematch of their controversial draw last year in Atlantic City, NJ.


Barrett says a third meeting between the two would have to happen at the World Wrestling Entertainment mega event, which is scheduled for April 1 in Miami, Florida. Barrett says he will speak with his good friend and 11-time WWE champion John Cena about facilitating the matchup, which would be under professional wrestling rules.


"I spoke to Tua after the press conference, he said, 'Call me man, I'm with it,'" said Barrett through a jaw wired shut due to a fracture sustained in the fight. "He did an imitation of The Rock and said, 'Let's get it on.' I said after I speak to John and I get everything together that I'd get back to him.


"I wouldn't mind doing it in a steel cage."


Barrett says he has been in contact with Cena via text messaging but hasn't spoken verbally with Cena yet. Barrett says he expects to speak with Cena on the phone in the next few days.


"[Cena] is in contact with the talent department and they're looking at exactly how they're going to approach this whole thing where it works out for everybody," said Barrett.


Tua, 52-4-2 (43 KO), isn't without his own wrestling credentials. Tua's uncle Afa Anoa'i who was one half of the Wild Samoans tag team that won the WWE tag team titles in the 1980s and were enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.


The Anoa'i family boasts a long lineage of wrestling talent, including former WWE champ Yokozuna and former intercontinental champions Rikishi and Umaga.


The most famous of the Anoa'i clan is Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, who coincidentally will headline Wrestlemania XXVIII against John Cena.


When asked whether he, with Cena's backing, or Tua with his lineage, had the edge in a wrestling match, Barrett entered into character.


"Of course me, you can't see me. I'm pretty sure David will go with the Samoan Brothers, but I'm gonna stick with my guns.


"Every fight with David is going to be dangerous. David is no walk in the park."


Barrett says he won't be able to resume boxing-related training for the next two months due to his broken jaw, but will continue to do his roadwork and mixed martial arts training to stay in shape.


Ryan Songalia is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) and contributes to GMA News and the Filipino Reporter newspaper in New York City. He can be reached atryan@ryansongalia.com. An archive of his work can be found atwww.ryansongalia.com. Follow him on Twitter: @RyanSongalia

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David Tua was a somewhat recognisable name 11 years ago around the time Lennox Lewis beat him in a display of sublime skill but sub-par action. Monte Barrett is a trial horse who young up and coming guys go in with to learn their craft, he also does a bit of over the top rope buffoonery now and then also. Neither of them were anything close to being stars in their own field of boxing and if these two were fighting in my back garden I would probably close the curtains, so I'm not sure what a match between the two at WrestleMania would offer WWE.


It's possible that "Two Guns" Barrett will accompany his apparent buddy John Cena for his match against The Rock, with Tua in his corner. In my opinion, even that would be pointless and I think it would even dilute the intensity and build up of that match in the run-up to WM.


Hopefully they won't do any of the stuff mentioned in that article because it sounds like a recipe for pure disaster. It's one thing to do things like that with well-known people who can draw extra fans in here and there who probably wouldn't of been watching otherwise, but there's no justification for these two.

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Nah I don't think many people would know them unless they follow boxing. Fuck, you don't even really hear their names in boxing now. Like Taylor said this wouldn't really be worth it, not at Wrestlemania anyway. Even if Barrett is mates with Cena I can't see them having much of a big role outside maybe an quick appearance or maybe do something on Raw leading into Mania at the most.

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Would the masses know who they are?


As others have said, even in boxing terms these guys are nobodies at the minute-as far as I'm aware, neither of their two previous fights were even televised in the States (at least, they certainly weren't on any of the major stations that show boxing). In fact,

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to be fair both are still on the fringes of world class, and tuas well known enough to have been used for a family guy gag lol


World Class in what? The practice of making constant delusional remarks in regards to how much they have left as fighters.


I don't pay very much attention to the rankings of the sactioning bodies like the WBC, WBA and IBF etc, and any boxing fan on here will know exactly why. However, earlier I looked at those ratings.... In the WBC table, Barrett is listed at number 34, but other than that, neither he or David Tua are anywhere to be seen, even on a list of over 30 entrants. Yeah, these sanctioning bodies are for the most part just terrible, but they do, however, provide a rough idea as to how irrelevant these two guys are right now, and that's in their own field.

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