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Marvel Mafia - Game Thread

Snake Plissken

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Welcome to Marvel Mafia, below are the game rules please read and follow them.





1. Play to fulfill your win condition. If you deliberately go against your team for any reason other than to win the game, you will be modkilled at my discretion.


2. A lynch requires a majority vote, or half the remaining players plus one. In the case of an odd number of players remaining, a lynch requires a number of votes equal to the greater half.


3. Vote in the following format: [ b ] Vote: Player[ /b ]. Unvotes are required to change your vote. You may vote using abbreviated names if the abbreviation can only reasonably be interpreted as one player. Please bold your votes.


4. You may Vote: No Lynch, which requires a majority to take effect.


5. If a majority is not reached before deadline, day will end in a no lynch.


6. When a majority is reached, day goes into twilight until I announce the beginning of the night phase. Players are allowed to post during twilight unless they are dead. A player lynched during day is not alive during twilight.


7. Do not "bah" post. Do not communicate outside this thread without my say-so.


8. Deadlines for each day phase are 7 days from when I announce the day. If a replacement is needed at any time during the day, I will increase the deadline when the replacement is found by a number of days I choose, unless the deadline is already two weeks from when I announced the day.


9. Deadlines for each night phase are 48 hours from when I announce the end of day. If I do not receive your night actions by PM during this 48 hour period, I will count your role as having taken no action. If you choose to take no action, please PM me anyway, unless your role doesn't have a night action.


10. Do not quote any PMs you receive from me. If you claim, you may rewrite your role PM in your own words to justify your position if you wish, but if you directly quote your PM, you will be modkilled. This includes quoting win conditions.


11. Prods will go out every 72 hours after you post. If you don't post within 24 hours after receiving a prod, I will look for a replacement. Any player who is largely inactive or who receives four prods may be replaced at whim. If you must go V/LA, please post that or PM me.


12. Do not edit or delete your posts. Do not post in colors other than the default or when posting links. Do not post invisible text. Do not encrypt anything in your posts.


13. If I make a mistake, please contact me by PM, or correct me in-thread. If you are speaking directly to me in-thread, please use the form: [ b ]Mod: Message.[ /b ]


14. If I need to add any other rules that may cause to the game to be broken if not added will be done so via update on this page and notification in thread.


15. Play nice, this is a game. Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated.



2. Teedy Kay

3. SMS

5. Unfitfinlay

10. Swiftstrike

12. andrew "the ref" coyne

13. Chris B

14. Chris Stone




None currently.



7. Gmoney - Nick Fury (Modkill)

9. Kenny McBride - Captain America (Eliminated Day 1)

6. TripleA - Sue Storm/Invisible Woman (Eliminated Night 1)

8. Seph - Hawkeye (Eliminated Night 2)

11. Brownie - Red Skull (Eliminated Night 2)

1. Lion of the Midlands - Daredevil (Eliminated Day 3)

15. Andrew the Giant - Bruce Banner (Eliminated Night 3)

4. Spotlightmagnet1 - Ben Grimm/The thing (Eliminated Day 4)

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RVS, Liz.

Well, you also have a captain in your avatar, so I won't vote for you.


To be honest, i'm not a comic book man. I realise Batman isn't Marvel, but who is?

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My name is Uatu & and I am the Watcher. The Beyonder is back and has moved a group of Superheroes and villains to the location of UKFF City to observe how they interact. It is decided that we should observe how they interact and that it should be left to them to deal with the criminal element within. Stark Industries have supplied some containment cages to place the various combatants in when they are overwhelmed by the majority of others.


These containment cages will eliminate them from the Beyonders game. We shall watch and observe as these events unfold. We arealso told that Stark Industries will be supplying objects throughout their time here to try and aid those involved.


Day 1 starts now and ends 16th August at 1pm. With 15 active it takes 8 to eliminate a player.

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Off the top of my head Spidey, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men.

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