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best and worst years in wwf/wwe


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What would you say are the classic and not so classic years of the WWE/WWF. I have only done 1994-2001 but I would be interested to hear your views of the years before and after. Also you can say if you agree or disagree with my choices.





Bret vs Owen feud

Razor and Diesel

Shawn Michaels

Rise of "The New Generation"




Shawn Michaels as champ

Mankind vs Undertaker feud


Jim Ross

Return of top babyface Bret Hart

Rise of Steve Austin



Monday night wars

Austin/Hart double turn at WM 13

Canada vs USA feud

Undertaker as champ

British PPV

Hell in a cell

Birth of the Attitude era




True beginning of Attitude era at WM 14

Austin vs McMahon

Nation vs Dx

Decent mid card and tag matches

Rise of The Rock



McMahon-Helmsley era

Rock vs Triple H

Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Hardcore matches

Rise of Kurt Angle

Return of Steve Austin

Chris Jericho


Not so classic:



Return of Hogan

Yokozuna as champ

Poor matches on RAW (watch the best of RAW DVD from this year to see what I mean. Shawn Michaels being totally destroyed by Jim Duggan!)



Diesel as champ for too long

Bob Backlund

Celebrity matches

Top face Bret Hart relegated to mid card and dark matches



Tedious Ministry of Darkness storyline (the reveal of Vince as the higher power ruined any impact this storyline might have had)

Death of Owen Hart

Big Show

Return of British Bulldog

Austin injured



Yes it had X7 and Austin's heel turn. But Austin's character was awful as a heel but the year was quickly ruined by the missed opportunity that was the purchase of WCW

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Poor matches on RAW (watch the best of RAW DVD from this year to see what I mean. Shawn Michaels being totally destroyed by Jim Duggan!)

Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty, 123 Kid vs Razor Ramon, Doink vs Randy Savage and Flair vs. Perfect werent exactly poor matches. Raw was only one hour at the time, so for that amount of time, Raw's matches were quality during this period. They had some class wrestlers during this period.

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Also you can say if you agree or disagree with my choices.





Anyway, 1993. Steiners vs Quebecers and some awesome Steiner Squashes that year as well. There was a quality Terry Taylor vs Mr Perfect match the week before Flair vs Perfect as well.

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Everybody rips 1993, and i'm not quite sure why. 1995 and even parts of 1996 were much poorer in my opinion.


While the size of the arenas in 1993 weren't what they used to be, businesses had died a death by two years later.


What about the Flair vs Mr Perfect, Mr Perfect v Bret Hart, 1-2-3 Kid v Bret Hart and Shawn vs Jannetty matches?

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1993 was the best anyone could do in the circumstances really. In 1992/93 Hogan, Warrior, LOD, Davey Boy, Sid Vicious, Flair and others all left sharpish. WWF had to rebuild really quick. And I think they did an OK job. King of the Ring, SummerSlam and Survivor Series were great PPV's in my opinion. And everyone looked great in 1993. WWF seemed to throw the colour black out the window and tell everyone to dressed in the most fucked up colours.

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1993 was the best anyone could do in the circumstances really. In 1992/93 Hogan, Warrior, LOD, Davey Boy, Sid Vicious, Flair and others all left sharpish.


I remember being really pissed off as a kid that all my favourites were disappearing overnight, but you're totally right. 1993 was far from a poor year.

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After 1991, 1993 is probably my favourite year in the WWF. It tends to get shat on a bit for its weaker PPVs and lack of star power at the top of the card. That definitely did have an effect on the masses, but it didn't bother me to have new faces like the Hitman at the top of the card in place of cartoon figures like the Warrior (who i enjoyed just as much in previous years).


1993 had a whole lot going for it. The Hitman, The King, Shawn Michaels getting real good, The tag Division, Bigelow, Yoko, Jannetty, The Kid, Crush, Doink, Perfect etc etc. There was very little shit. I'll maybe give you Lugers turn, although i think he was perfect in his original narcissst gimmick. I'd even defend Giant Gonzales on the basis that he was anovelty who took up little time in programming (was he only working a part time schedule or something?), and the visual impact of that awesome debut mid-Rumble was worth it.


The introduction of Monday Night RAW was another big thing. From the first episode there was a certain something about it that you knew it was going to be successful. Being in the setting of the Manhattan Centre didn't hurt matters, and the mix of top matches with squashes tended to work right. It was a whole lot fresher and more relevant than Prime Time Wrestling, which was great, but tended to feel more like a rough collection of matches from the past few months thrown together where nothing particularly controversial was going to happen (unless it was a repeat of something from Superstars/Challenge).


Then, as mentioned above and which i agree with, all the colour added a whole vibrancy to everything. I know it sounds a bit trivial and if something's good, it should be good whether they're all in fancy attires or black trunks, but it does make a difference imo. It's theatre, we want larger than life characters with looks to match. The WWF just went to town that year, everyone was colourful and most of the time it suited them.


Even the low ranked JTTS guys from that year were all interesting from Max Moon, Lance Cassidy, Damian Demento and Terry Taylor at the outset of the year, onto Owen in his awesome sky blue gear, Well Dunn, Bastion Booger and even Tito Santana continuing to piss off the purists for half the year.


I could list individual examples of good stuff all night but you get the picture. 1993 was ace. :)

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Strange there's been no mention of 1992 yet. An utter classic year for me. The rumble that year tends to be brought up regularly as one of the best ever, I remeber loving the Undertaker/Kamala feud from that year and obviously Taker against Jake Roberts at Mania VIII (and that awesome Jake promo) and then obviously Summerslam. 1992 is my joint favourite year with 2001

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The whole controversy over the title at the start of the year

1st Royal Rumble

Rick Rude - Jake Roberts feud

Ultimate Warrior winning the IC Title

An awesome Survivor Series

The Mega Powers and Savage's slow burn turn

A real swansong for Andre, from his Hogan stuff to the Duggan feud, the Roberts feud and his matches with Savage




Awesome PPVs throughout the year

Savage-Warrior career match

Taker goes from new face to main eventer encompassing the start of the streak & his first title

The Warrior-Taker-Roberts skits

Virgil and DiBiase

LOD's tag title win

The formation of the Natural Disasters

Earthquake kills Damian

Hogan is on fire on promos in the early part of the year

Debuts of Sid Justice and Ric Flair

Piper back on form

The emergence of Bret as a singles guy



The best Rumble of all time

The Savage-Flair feud

SummerSlam 1992

Papa Shango setting people's feet on fire

Return of the Warrior

Nailz debut

Undertaker's turn

The return of Marty Jannetty

Bret becomes champ

HBK becomes singles star



The HBK-Marty series

Yoko squashing Hogan

Monday Night RAW

Quality KOTR, SummerSlam and Survivor Series

Debut of the Kid

The Lex Express

Hart Family dissension

Razor becoming IC Champion



The USA-Canada feud

Emergence of Austin as top face

Hell in a Cell

A long overdue run with Taker as champ

The New Nation

Ken Shamrock

The 3 Faces of Foley

Debut of Chyna

HBK Losing His Smile


The hotshotting of the WWF Title in Jan/Feb/Mar




Austin Era

Mr McMahon

Hell in a Cell 2

DX-Nation feud

Emergence of HHH/Rock

Debut of some quality new characters

Return of the Bossman



Debut of the Radicalz

HHH/Cactus series

Rock/HHH series

Austin returns at Backlash

King Kurt

Benoit/Jericho series

Who ran over Stone Cold?

Match quality at arguably its highest ever

Debut of Tazz

Return of Taker at Judgement Day



The return of HHH

The nWo

Flair/Taker feud

Maven eliminates Taker from the Rumble

The early days of brand exclusive SD

Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar

The SD Six

HBK returns

Debut of Scott Steiner



Edge wins title cashing in MITB

Edge-Cena feud

RVD cashes in MITB

The emergence of ECW

Big Show's ECW reign

King Booker

The debut of the Great Khali

The return of SNME

The return of DX


HHH-Cena at Mania



Great build to Mania

Return of Bret

Miz cashes in MITB

Kane back on form


The Nexus debut

Jericho still on top form

Return of Edge






Too many stupid gimmicks

Too many poor PPVs

RAW lags behind Nitro in the big match stake

The company nearly went out of business

The burial of Bret in the midcard

Lumbering Taker with every immobile monster going when he was capable of so much more




A lot of stupid characters brought in

Some poor PPVs

Death of Owen

Too much Russo TV

Bringing Jericho in and not knowing what to do with him for 6 months

Big Show's 238 turns over the course of 10 months




Rosters too big and the pushing of veterans who stank up the joint

Guys being brought in who weren't ready

Brand split PPVs leading to some awful performances and matches and guys who should never had been on the main roster




Really uninspiring TV

The glass ceiling in full effect

Some really poor PPVs

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